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Bingo Boffin
TitleHobbit Adventurer
RegionThe Shire
AreaMichel Delving
SettlementMichel Delving
Map Ref[33.0S, 75.1W]


Bingo Boffin is mostly-ordinary hobbit of the Shire who lives in his hobbit-hole in the northern district of Michel Delving.
He is the protagonist of the Ballad of Bingo Boffin, a series of quests related to Episodic Content. Every Wednesday, a new quest involving Bingo is unlocked and sees him start an adventure of his own.
  • The message you receive in the mail - Request for Assistance! - will get you started.
  • Bingo's Hobbit Hole - Boffin Manor - is found in Michel Delving, just north of the Town Hall.
  • Note that Bingo will only appear if you have NOT completed that weeks quest. Once you have completed the quest he will 'phase out' -- not be visible to your character, but he will be visible to others who have not completed the Episode.
  • The episodic quests will always be available, so in case you missed one on its release day, you can pick it up whenever you want to. You could even decide to wait for some time and 'save up' some quests and then play them all in a row.
  • As Bingo's adventures continue, he will be found in many different locations throughout Middle-earth. He will, however, never change his location stated in one of his quests, e.g. quests can always be picked up at the given starting location. See the quest pages for their respective starting positions.
  • If you are unsure where to find Bingo at any time, Bert Bartleby will provide information on his current location. He can be found near the stable in Michel Delving, at the western gate of Bree, next to the stable master in Ost Guruth, near the stables in Rivendell, Glóin's Camp, Gwingris, the Dolven-view, Caras Galadhon, the Haunted Inn, Haldirith, Harwick, Forlaw, Woodhurst, Avardin, Lhanuch, the Andrath and finally just outside Boffin Manor.
  • If you go inside Boffin Manor, you should be able to find Bingo's Notes, which allow you to relive any of the instances he encountered, including 'The Perfect Recipe' in Week 52.

Quest Involvement

Request for Assistance!
  1. [8] The Call to Adventure - Appeared July 23, 2015
  2. [9] Training for the Journey - Appeared July 30, 2015
  3. [10] Sink or Swim - Appeared August 6, 2015
    • [10] Instance: Sink or Swim
  4. [11] Disapproving Boggs - Appeared August 12, 2015
  5. [12] Leaving is Not Easy - Appeared August 19, 2015
  6. [16] A Brood of Boffins - Appeared August 26, 2015
  7. [18] Marigold - Appeared September 2, 2015
  8. [19] Defying Description - Appeared September 9, 2015
  9. [22] Synonyms for Spooky - Appeared September 16, 2015
  10. [24] The Two Taverns - Appeared September 23, 2015
  11. [26] The Last Treasure - Appeared September 30, 2015
  12. [28] Goose and Gander - Appeared October 7, 2015
  13. [32] The End Now? - Appeared October 14, 2015
  14. [34] A Restful Night - Appeared October 21, 2015
    • [34] Instance: A Restful Night
  15. [35] A New Friend - Appeared October 28, 2015
  16. [39] A Hospitable Home - Appeared November 4, 2015
  17. [40] Notes by the Author - Appeared November 11, 2015
  18. [42] A Snowy Climb - Appeared November 18, 2015
  19. [43] A Dangerous Detour - Appeared November 25, 2015
    • [43] Instance: A Dangerous Detour
  20. [45] A Daring Plan - Appeared December 2, 2015
  21. [46] An Author Absent - Appeared December 9, 2015
  22. [48] A New Hunt - Appeared December 16, 2015
  23. [49] Dour Faces - Appeared December 23, 2015
    • [49] Instance: Dour Faces
  24. [50] A Change of Name - Appeared December 30, 2015
  25. [51] Into the Long Dark - Appeared January 6, 2016
  26. [53] Willem Takes the Lead - Appeared January 13, 2016
  27. [56] Bingo's Scattered Thoughts - Appeared January 20, 2016
  28. [58] A Farewell - Appeared January 27, 2016
  29. [60] A Chapter About Elves - Appeared February 3, 2016
    • [60] Instance: A Chapter About Elves
  30. [63] A Taste of War - Appeared February 10, 2016
  31. [66] First, Breakfast! - Appeared February 17, 2016
  32. [68] Second Breakfast - Appeared February 24, 2016
  33. [70] The Banks of the Great River - Appeared March 2, 2016
  34. [72] Unusual Friends - Appeared March 9, 2016
  35. [75] Enter the Easterlings - Appeared March 16, 2016
    • [75] Instance: Enter the Easterlings
  36. [78] Bingo's Burden - Appeared March 23, 2016
    • [78] Instance: Bingo's Burden
  37. [80] Yea or Neigh? - Appeared March 30, 2016
  38. [82] The Tracker - Appeared April 6, 2016
  39. [85] A Cold Trail - Appeared April 13, 2016
  40. [88] Bert has a Word - Appeared April 20, 2016
  41. [90] Mistaken Identity - Appeared April 27, 2016
    • [90] Instance: Mistaken Identity
  42. [92] A Horse in a Haystack - Appeared May 4, 2016
  43. [93] Thoughts of Home - Appeared May 11, 2016
  44. [93] Willem Whisker and the Wide World - Appeared May 18, 2016
  45. [93] A String of Ill Fortune - Appeared May 25, 2016
  46. [93] Treasure Lost, Treasure Found - Appeared June 1, 2016
    • [93] Instance: Treasure Lost, Treasure Found
  47. [93] Full Course, Of Course! - Appeared June 8, 2016
  48. [93] Homesick and Just Sick - Appeared June 15, 2016
  49. [93] Through the Blockade - Appeared June 22, 2016
    • [93] Instance: Through the Blockade
  50. [93] Bingo Returns Home - Appeared June 29, 2016
  51. [93] Hand-written, Hand-delivered - Appeared July 6, 2016
  52. [93] The Perfect Recipe - Appeared July 13, 2016
    • [93] Instance: The Perfect Recipe

Thank you for playing through The Ballad of Bingo Boffin!

Spoiler Alert

Previously on The Ballad of Bingo Boffin:

  • In the first quest, Bingo is planning a party because he is bored. He sends players out to fetch food and check the Great Smials library for a good cookbook. In said book, he finds a map of Eriador which awakens his adventurous spirit and he decides he wants to see the places the map depicts with his own eyes.
  • In the second quest, Bingo wants to prepare for his journey and train his mind and body. He sends players to ask Gaffer Gamgee for adventuring advice, but gets only some apples in return. Bingo cannot stand apples, so he wants players to drop them at the Bird and Baby Inn, which leads to the local gossip finding out that he is planning on leaving. Afterwards, he tries (and fails) to climb the Stocktower, then goes to catch his breath (and some fine ale) in the nearby Golden Perch.
  • In the third quest, Bingo attempts to learn how to swim, on the western shore of the Brandywine. He ends up splashing around in shallow water for some time, claiming success afterwards.
  • In the fourth quest, Bingo wants to return several items he borrowed from his neighbors before he leaves the Shire. One of them, Myrtle Boggs, has written a petition in order to keep Bingo from leaving (in fact, she wants him locked up so he can't go). His response is to give her some flowers which makes her blush.
  • In the fifth quest, Bingo officially starts his journey, but along the road to Budgeford, he realizes that he forgot two important items back at his hobbit-hole: his walking-stick as well as one of his satchels which contains his writing utensils. Bingo declares he wants to keep a record of his adventure as it unfolds, and sends his companion to run back to Boffin Manor to fetch the two items he left behind.
  • In the sixth quest, Bingo travels to Buckland to visit his cousin, Prisca Boffin. Her seven children are spread out all over Buckland and players are sent out to find them to gather at their mother's house to see their cousin from Michel Delving.
  • In the seventh quest, Bingo sets out to find the last of Prisca's children, Marigold, who has gone adventuring in the Old Forest. After meeting up with her, they journey to the house of her new friend, Tom Bombadil.
  • In the eight quest, Bingo has problems with his written report about his adventure because he cannot aptly describe Tom Bombadil. He asks players to find out more about Tom, which leads to some amusing interactions with the yellow-booted fellow.
  • In the ninth quest, Bingo has to go to the Barrow-downs in order to find lost pages of his manuscript that were dropped by absent-minded Tom Bombadil. Afterwards, he and Marigold return to Newbury.
  • In the tenth quest, Bingo sets out from Buckland towards Bree, travelling along the Great East Road. Upon reaching the West Gate of the town, he makes a new friend - Milo Goodbody - who invites him to the Prancing Pony. Afterwards, Bingo leaves Bree, fearing he won't get far if he continues with the tavern revelries, and makes his way to the Forsaken Inn.
  • In the eleventh quest, Bingo makes the acquaintance of Theodore Gorse, a self-proclaimed Master Treasure Hunter, and wants to become his apprentice. After solving a riddle for Theodore (which leads to another riddle), he agrees to teach Bingo some of his skills.
  • In the twelfth quest, Bingo sends players out to solve the second riddle, leading to yet another cryptic message consisting of just three words: 'The End Now'. Bingo is not happy about this.
  • In the thirteenth quest, Bingo uncovers the meaning of the second crypting message, which had hidden letters on it, and after travelling to Ost Guruth, it is revealed that Haley Meadowsweet is the true Master Treasure Seeker who has been leaving behind the clues and riddles found in the strongboxes.
  • In the fourteenth quest, Bingo moves onwards across the Last Bridge, into the Trollshaws, where he stops for the night just north of the road. While he sleeps, his companion stands guard, fending off rats, crawlers, wights, and even trolls.
  • In the fifteenth quest, Bingo makes the acquaintance of Willem Whisker, a lynx he encounters and frees from a trap at the Stone-trolls' Glade. Along with his new companion, he travels to the Gates of Imladris, the entrance to the hidden valley of Rivendell.
  • In the sixteenth quest, Bingo meets Bilbo Baggins, the famed adventurer in the Hall of Fire who invites him to a sight-seeing tour of Rivendell. Afterwards, Bingo finds out that the map that started his journey was drawn and left behind by Bilbo for adventurous hobbits to find.
  • In the seventeenth quest, Bingo gives Bilbo his manuscript to read, which contains the record of his adventures. When Bilbo remarks that he likes the description of the Shire the most, Bingo is shocked and deduces, that his journal might be too boring, prompting him to send players to defeat creatures in the Trollshaws to give him inspiration for some more exciting descriptions.
  • In the eighteenth quest, Bingo travels north into the Misty Mountains in a further attempt to experience tales of adventure and excitement to keep his future readers from being bored. In the Western Bruinen Source area, the company finds an injured dwarf and treats his wounds with herbs discovered by the lynx Willem Whisker.
  • In the nineteenth quest, Bingo learns from Spalvi, the dwarf he helped, that he was ambushed by the Corcur nomads from Helegrod. Willing to lend his aid, he follows Spalvi there, only to be captured by the dwarf's brethren: the treacherous Dourhands.
  • In the twentieth quest, Spalvi Dourhand frees Bingo from captivity at Gabilazan, the Dourhand stronghold in the Misty Mountains, but shortly after escaping the castle, Bingo falls down a deep, dark hole in the side of the mountain.
  • In the twenty-first quest, Spalvi is desperate to find out about Bingo's whereabouts. With the help of Willem Whisker , clues leading through Goblin-town and Erforgh Cleft reveal a map of an underground river, that has apparently swept the hobbit away, towards the mysterious Mines of Moria.
  • In the twenty-second quest, Spalvi follows clues from Glóin into Eregion, setting up camp at Gwingris, where he runs into Haley Meadowsweet. Together, they decide to get in touch with the Iron Garrison in order to gain access to Khâzad-dûm.
  • In the twenty-third quest, Spalvi is confronted by the Dourhands he left behind at Gabilazan who have tracked him to Eregion because he stole one of their most precious treasures - a gemstone of Skorgrím Dourhand. Fighting off his pursues, Spalvi finally renounces his clan name.
  • In the twenty-fourth quest, Spalvi is looking for a new surname, seeing himself no longer as a Dourhand. With the help of Haley, he resorts to calling himself 'Spalvi Stoutheart' forthwith.
  • In the twenty-fifth quest, Spalvi moves into Moria and sets up camp at the Dolven-view, where he meets Ketill Map-maker, a resourceful dwarf who he enlists to help him locate the still lost hobbit.
  • In the twenty-sixth quest, Willem Whisker has picked up Bingo's scent and rushes through Durin's Way all the way into the Fanged Pit where Bingo is finally discovered sitting next to the pool of Khulturg, having lost his memories during the fall.
  • In the twenty-seventh quest, Spalvi sets out to recover the pages of Bingo's manuscript in order to help Bingo regain his memories. After a trip through the deeper levels of Moria, the manuscript is shown to Bingo and his memory is restored.
  • In the twenty-eight quest, Bingo finally leaves Moria and passes into Nanduhirion. At the eastern gate to Khâzad-dûm, Spalvi bids his farewell, desiring to stay behind and help the Iron Garrison.
  • In the twenty-nine quest, Bingo strolls through Nanduhirion, eventually meeting with the elves and is granted passage to Lothlórien.
  • In the thirtieth quest, Bingo strives to impress the elves with his battle-skills and through some subtle subterfuge gains passage to Mirkwood.
  • In the thirty-first quest, Bingo gets hungry for some delicious breakfast. A recipe book provided by Adolinda, a former inhabitant of the town of Audaghaim has players search all over Mirkwood for the ingredients.
  • In the thirty-second quest, Bingo wonders where Willem Whisker has gone and tasks his friends with finding the lynx, who later turns up at the very gates of Dol Guldur. Afterwards, Bingo returns to Caras Galadhon to taste Lembas.
  • In the thirty-third quest, Bingo travels south to the elven outpost of Haldirith, where he learns from Maervadhor, a Galadhrim sentinel, how to make ink from ingredients found at the banks of the Anduin.
  • In the thirty-forth quest, Bingo seeks to gain entrance to the rohirric outpost of Stangard, but is turned away by the guards. Moving onwards to Frithstan's Camp, he encounters Langhár, a Beorning, who is fighting the Orcs in the Wailing Hills, and later the Great Eagles Landroval and Meneldor.
  • In the thiry-fifth quest, Bingo aids Sabert, gate-ward of Stangard, fend off an Easterling attack on the rohirric outpost and receives help from the friends he made earlier.
  • In the thirty-sixth quest, Bingo crosses into the Wold, making a short stop at the town of Langhold before moving onwards to Harwick, where he finally realizes that he will require a steed for travelling around Rohan.
  • In the thirty-seventh quest, Bingo, who is generally scared of horses, attempts to purchase a mount from Cuthbald, a friendly horse trader based in Harwick. In the end, Cuthbald is able to introduce Bingo to a new friend: the pony Tanglemane.
  • In the thirty-eight quest, Bingo travels to Cliving where he encounters Egwylf, a female Rohirrim who is hunting a mysterious cult named the 'Blood-eye'. Bingo is eager to help uncover the identity of the cultists that Egwylf is hunting, but for now all that is found is one of the signature brooches used by the Blood-eye.
  • In the thirty-ninth quest, the hunt for the agents of the Blood-eye continues into the snowy heights of Wildermore, where Bingo discovers the dead body of one of Egwylf's targets. The other cultist leaves no trace though.
  • In the fourtieth quest, Bingo is approached by Bert Bartleby, who has turned up at almost every stop of the hobbit's journey. Bert asks him to find an old acquaintance of his: the lore-master Humfrey Rumming.
  • In the fourty-first quest, Bingo and Egwylf travel from Wildermore across the Entwash Vale and the Broadacres, where they come under attack by one of the Nazgûl. While Egwylf fights off the Ringwraith with fire, Tanglemane carries Bingo to safety, and out of sight.
  • In the fourty-second quest, Egwylf is following Bingo's tracks from Woodhurst to the town of Gapholt, where Tanglemane has brought him. On the way, there is another short run-in with Humfrey Rumming near Brockbridge.
  • In the fourty-third quest Bingo and Egwylf come to the walls of Helm's Deep, where the tracker finally says her goodbyes to Bingo. Moving onwards, Bingo discovers the fate of Marton and has an encounter with Mercy, a mysterious woman, whom he wants to bring to safety in Grimslade.
  • In the fourty-fourth quest, Willem Whisker is behaving unusally, and runs off to the west when Bingo tries to find out more about it. Following the lynx through the Gap of Rohan and into the Dunbog, Bingo discovers the reason why Willem was acting strange: He has a family and is finally reunited with them. Deciding to stay in the Dunbog, Willem now parts with Bingo, who then comes to the town of Avardin in the Starkmoor.
  • In the fourty-fifth quest, Bingo travels to Galtrev where runs into Humfrey Rumming.. again. The Lore-master tells him he met Haley Meadowsweet and Theodore Gorse, but will not simply give away their location. He provides a riddle instead, which, after some confusion, leads right back to Avardin where Bingo is reunited with the Treasure Seekers.
  • In the fourty-sixth quest, Bingo accompanies his friends back to Galtrev where they notice that Theodore is missing. Investigations lead the group to Draigoch's Lair, where Theodore wants to return the Rothstone to. With a large portion of luck, they escape the dragon's fire and make their next stop at Lhanuch in Enedwaith.
  • In the fourty-seventh quest, Bingo discovers the stoor village of Maur Tulhau where he is greeted by a welcoming feast.
  • In the fourty-eigth quest, Bingo must deal with his overfilled stomach because he ate too much at the welcoming feast. Iola Isbrun, a resident of Maur Tulhau, aides him.
  • In the fourty-ninth quest, Bingo, Haley and Theodore continue their journey northwards through the brigand blockade at the King's Way Gate, passing into the Andrath in southern Bree-land.
  • In the fiftieth quest, Bingo finally returns to Michel Delving where he is confronted by an angry Myrtle Boggs and a large overdue fee from the Tuckborough library.
  • In the fity-first quest, Bingo writes invitations to a dinner party to the friends he made on his journey and asks for them to delivered in person.
  • In the fifty-second (and final) quest, Bingo's party is a great success with many suprise guests showing up and Bingo finding the perfect recipe for a happy life: the very best friends a hobbit could wish for.

Bertil Bingo

  • [..] Frightful Tales to Curl the Hair On Your Toes
  • [..] A Little Spooky Research
  • [..] A Night for Ghost Stories

Bertil Bingo Fundraiser

  • [..] Instance: A Night for Ghost Stories
  • [..] Frightened Beyond Disbelief
  • [..] An Autumnal Mystery
  • [..] The Curse of Eerie Acres
  • [..] The Parting Fog
  • [..] The Haunting of Wistmead
  • [..] None But One
  • [..] Instance: None But One

Bertil Horberg


Bertil Bom

Note: Bingo Badge : earning Bingo Badges by completing quests allows you to trade Bert Bartleby for the following Cosmetic Pets:

Bertil Bingo Mobil

  • Ballad of Bingo Boffin
  • Brown Rabbit

  • Tan Sheep

  • Sleek Fox

  • Brown Squirrel

  • Light Brown Goat

  • Umber Goat

  • Red Beetle

  • Blue Beetle

  • White Squirrel

  • Brown Snake

  • Red Eagle

  • Tanglemane

  • Ice Salamander

  • Skittish Black Horse

  • Willem's Cub

  • Miniature Grodbog Warrior

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  • Distant Cousin

  • Willem Whisker

  • Old Rattlepacks

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