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Online multiplayer games with friends. An Arkham Horror April Fool's Day Joke has gotten new life thanks to fan demand. Earlier this year, Fantasy Flight Games jokingly announced The Dogwich Legacy, an expansion of the (very fake) Barkham Horror: The Card Game. Instead of players facing off against the threats of the Great Old Ones, players discovered the hidden conflict between cats and dogs. However, fans loved the idea of Barkham Horror so much, Fantasy Flight Games decided to make a new standalone Arkham Horror: The Card Game expansion set in the world of Barkham Horror.

  1. The fur will fly in Barkham Horror: The Card Game - The Meddling of Meowlathotep! Inspired by the 2019 April Fools article, this 100% real, playable standalone adventure gives players the chance to step into the role of canine investigators hot on the trail of a catspiracy.
  2. Announced on December 2, 2019 via a blog post on Fantasy Flight’s website, Barkham Horror: The Meddling of Meowlathotep is a card game scenario pack that will be launching soon. The game brings.
  3. April Fool's Gag “Barkham Horror” Is Now An Actual Product Fantasy Flight Games became inundated with emails from customers eager to purchase what was supposed to be a fake game. By Sean Murray Dec 04, 2019.

Barkham Horror: The Meddling of Meowlathotep is a new 78-card standalone scenario pack in which investigators must stop Meowlathotep, the Prowling Chaos, Meowsenger of the Outer Feline Gods. During the scenario, players play as one of five very good dogs (such as Skids O'Drool or Duke, an actual existing dog character from the main Arkham Horror line), each of which have their own signature asset and a weakness. Both the scenario and the dog investigators aren't meant to be used in normal Arkham Horror: The Card Game campaigns, but players can build their decks using almost any card from main Arkham Horror game, save for cats of course.

Barkham Horror is written by Scott D. And drawn by Golden F. It follows the misadventures of Adrienne Barbara Whippet, a dog who moves to the titular town to meet her long lost father, Towser Brindle. Unfortunately, Towser is away on a mysterious venture overseas, and has left his house, as well as a considerable sum of money, to his daughter.


While players can't pick up Barkham Horror: The Meddling of Meowlathotep on its own, this standalone scenario does provide a fantastic excuse to jump into Arkham Horror: The Card Game. This living card game requires at least one Base Set to play and features new scenarios every month, many of which continue a storyline started in one of the game's deluxe expansions.

Barkham Horror: The Meddling of Meowlathotep will be released in 2020 and has a retail price of $19.95.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game
Other name(s)Arkham Horror: El Juego De Cartas, Horror w Arkham: Gra Karciana, Arkham Horror: Das Kartenspiel, Ужас Аркхэма. Карточная игра
Designer(s)Nate French & MJ Newman
Publisher(s)Fantasy Flight Games
Publication dateQ4 2016[1]
Years active2016 – present
Genre(s)Co-operativeLiving Card Game (LCG) with Deck Building
Language(s)English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Polish, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian
Players1 – 4[1]
Setup time10 - 15 minutes
(excluding deck building)
Playing time60 – 120 minutes
Random chanceSome (card drawing, deck building, skill tests)
Skill(s) requiredCard playing, Deck building, Logic, Strategy
Material(s) requiredAll included, expansions optional but all require base game.
Media typePlaying cards
WebsiteArkham Horror: The Card Game — Fantasy Flight Games

Barkham Horror

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a living card game produced by Fantasy Flight Games. It is a cooperative game set in the universe of Chaosium's Call of Cthulhuroleplaying game which is itself based on the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft and other cosmic horror writers. The title refers to Lovecraft's fictional town of Arkham, MA which is mentioned in many Mythos stories.


News of the game was originally leaked in May 2016,[2] before being officially announced in August of that same year.[3] It made its first limited public release at Arkham Nights 2016 to a sold-out crowd.

Barkham Horror The Meddling Of Meowlathotep

As a game in Fantasy Flight Games Living Card Game line, there is a regular release of non-random Deluxe expansions that start a story or campaign, followed by multiple smaller expansions (known as Mythos packs) that continue and conclude it.


Campaign play is the default mode of the game,[4] allowing a player to progress through a series of scenarios. In campaign play, choices made in scenarios have lasting effects, altering the story and how later scenarios play out. Each scenario has multiple paths of divergence offering multiple playthroughs with differing experiences each time.

When players prepare to play, they first choose an investigator of a particular class (Guardian, Survivor, Rogue, Seeker, Mystic or Neutral). Each investigator deck receives cards that represent weaknesses of their investigator, one specific to each investigator, and one 'basic' - drawn at random from a general pool. Investigators will also possess one or more unique cards that represent that individual's specific advantages or abilities, often complimenting the backstory of that investigator. Each investigator also has different starting statistics (Willpower, Intellect, Combat and Agility) which will be tested throughout the game. Players then build their decks from cards in their collection, conforming to the deckbuilding limits outlined by their investigator.

During the game, the investigators work together to progress their investigation towards a positive outcome by fulfilling the requirements set out by the Act deck. However, there are forces working against the investigators, represented by the Agenda deck and encounter deck. Each turn, a doom counter is added to the Agenda deck, acting as a timer for the investigators to complete their objectives. When the total number of doom in play reaches the doom threshold of the agenda card, the agenda will advance, often to negative consequences.

During the Investigation phase, the investigators each take up to three actions. Among other options, actions include playing cards from hand or activating those already in play, moving to or investigating locations and fighting or evading enemies. Depending on the card, cards played from hand during the investigation phase may enter an investigator's play area as an ongoing bonus (an 'asset') or simply provide a powerful one-time effect and be discarded upon use (an 'event'). Many cards have a resource cost which must be paid to play the card. While cards generally require an action to play, some are 'fast' and do not require an action to be played.

Barkham Horror

The Investigation phase is followed by the Enemy, Status and the Mythos Phase, representing the forces working against the investigators each round. Investigators may have to deal with effects or enemies that attack their sanity, health or simply their progression towards their main goal (the Act deck).

Investigators will be eliminated from a scenario if they receive horror or damage equal to their sanity or health respectively. Investigators eliminated in this way will receive permanent mental or physical trauma. This means investigators repeatedly defeated in scenarios can become progressively weaker as the campaign progresses. Investigators will, however, receive experience from scenarios (even after defeat), which can be spent to improve each investigator's deck. At certain points in a campaign, failure may lead to investigators being killed or driven insane.


Expansions are grouped into cycles that contain a complete campaign for players to go through. Each cycle is divided up into one deluxe expansion followed by six mythos packs. Deluxe expansions contain new investigators, about 60 new player cards, and the first two scenarios of a campaign. Mythos packs contain about 24 new player cards and a single scenario of a campaign. They are listed below in order of release date which is also the order in which to play a cycle's campaign.

Stand-alone scenarios are scenarios that exist outside of a campaign/cycle and are self-contained. As such, a player doesn't need any other expansions to play them or encounter cards from the core box—only the investigators. Stand-alone scenarios are printed in house at Fantasy Flight Games and are referred to as Print on Demand (POD). This means the card quality is generally lower than the packs shipped from overseas but Fantasy Flight Games can push these packs faster out to players at conventions or for general release.

Upgrade expansions are akin to the 'Nightmare Packs' from the Lord of the Rings LCG. However instead of just increasing the difficulty, these expansions provide an alternate way to play through the campaign with alternate story effects. They also provide player cards with the first one providing 20 player cards. They are also not the Print on Demand quality that is found in the stand-alone scenarios.

The Dunwich Legacy cycle[edit]

Expansion NameRelease DateType
The Dunwich LegacyJanuary 2017deluxe
The Miskatonic MuseumFebruary 2017mythos pack
The Essex County ExpressMarch 2017mythos pack
Blood on the AltarApril 2017mythos pack
Undimensioned and UnseenMay 2017mythos pack
Where Doom AwaitsJune 2017mythos pack
Lost in Time and SpaceJuly 2017mythos pack

The Path to Carcosa cycle[edit]

Expansion NameRelease DateType
The Path to CarcosaSeptember 2017deluxe
Echoes of the PastOctober 2017mythos pack
The Unspeakable OathNovember 2017mythos pack
A Phantom of TruthDecember 2017mythos pack
The Pallid MaskJanuary 2018mythos pack
Black Stars RiseFebruary 2018mythos pack
Dim CarcosaMarch 2018mythos pack

The Forgotten Age cycle[edit]

Expansion NameRelease DateType
The Forgotten AgeMay 2018deluxe
Threads of FateJune 2018mythos pack
The Boundary BeyondJuly 2018mythos pack
Heart of the EldersAugust 2018mythos pack
The City of ArchivesSeptember 2018mythos pack
The Depths of YothOctober 2018mythos pack
Shattered AeonsNovember 2018mythos pack

The Circle Undone cycle[edit]

Expansion NameRelease DateType
The Circle UndoneJanuary 2019deluxe
The Secret NameMarch 2019mythos pack
The Wages of SinApril 2019mythos pack
For the Greater GoodMay 2019mythos pack
Union and DisillusionJune 2019mythos pack
In the Clutches of ChaosJuly 2019mythos pack
Before the Black ThroneJuly 2019mythos pack

The Dream-Eaters cycle[edit]

Expansion NameRelease DateType
The Dream-EatersSeptember 2019deluxe
The Search for KadathNovember 2019mythos pack
A Thousand Shapes of HorrorDecember 2019mythos pack
Dark Side of the MoonJanuary 2020mythos pack
Point of No ReturnFebruary 2020mythos pack
Where the Gods DwellMarch 2020mythos pack
Weaver of the CosmosApril 2020mythos pack

The Innsmouth Conspiracy cycle[edit]

Barkham Horror Release Date

Expansion NameRelease DateType
The Innsmouth ConspiracyOctober 2020deluxe
In Too DeepNovember 2020mythos pack
Devil ReefDecember 2020mythos pack
Horror in High GearJanuary 2021mythos pack
A Light in the FogFebruary 2021mythos pack
The Lair of DagonMarch 2021mythos pack
Into the MaelstromApril 2021mythos pack

Stand-alone scenarios[edit]

Expansion NameRelease Date
Curse of the RougarouNovember 2016
Carnevale of HorrorsDecember 2016
The Labyrinths of LunacyJune 2018
The Eternal SlumberGencon (2018) event scenario, released as part of Guardians of the Abyss, December 2018
The Night's UsurperArkham Nights (2018) event scenario, released as part of Guardians of the Abyss, December 2018
Guardians of the AbyssDecember 2018 – Scenario Pack that includes The Eternal Slumber and The Night's Usurper[5]
The Blob that Ate EverythingGen Con 2019
Murder at the Excelsior Hotel[6]November 2019
Barkham Horror: The Meddling of Meowlathotep[7]September 2020
War of the Outer GodsDecember 2020

Upgrade Expansions[edit]

Expansion NameRelease Date
Return to the Night of the ZealotJune 2018
Return to the Dunwich LegacyJanuary 2019
Return to the Path to CarcosaSeptember 2019
Return to the Forgotten AgeAugust 2020

Investigator Starter Decks[edit]

Expansion NameRelease DateType
Harvey WaltersAugust 2020starter deck
Winifred HabbamockAugust 2020starter deck
Jacqueline FineAugust 2020starter deck
Stella ClarkAugust 2020starter deck
Nathaniel ChoAugust 2020starter deck


Arkham Horror: The Card Game also has novellas where each novella is focused around a specific investigator and come with 5 promo cards. These promo cards include 1 alt-art investigator card, 1 alt-art mini investigator card, 1 replacement signature card, 1 replacement signature weakness, and 1 card with instructions for the replacement cards.

Expansion NameRelease DateInvestigator focusAuthor
Hour of the HuntressOctober 2017Jenny BarnesDave Gross
Ire of the VoidDecember 2017Norman WithersRichard Lee Byers
The Dirge of ReasonFebruary 2018Roland BanksGraeme Davis
To Fight the Black WindApril 2018Carolyn FernJennifer Brozek
The Deep GateJune 2018Silas MarshChris A. Jackson
The Blood of BaalshandorJune 2020Dexter DrakeRichard Lee Byers
Dark RevelationsNovember 2020Gloria GoldbergAmanda Downum


Barkham Horror Review

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