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Newtown Casino is the top gaming destination for players looking to enjoy all types of game modes, such as slots, blackjack, poker, roulette and many other exciting casino games known to man. Newtown Casino is a specialty in online store that caters to the unique needs of role-playing Live Games and Slot Games. Games such as Newtown Casino require the use of computer of different platform such as personal computer, hand phone and tablet. Our online casino are carefully vetted to provide you with the highest quality and best looking website available.

Fresh & Exciting ways to play

Sometimes, playing the same game repeatedly might make someone lose interest in doing something they love. What if I told you that we have just the solution for that? Here at Newtown Casino, we have multiple ways for you to enjoy the games that you have always loved with different themes and different mechanics.

Comfortable GamingExperience

By playing with Newtown Casino, you will be able to enjoy all your gaming needs all from the comfort of your own home. We at Newtown Casino have developed programs and applications on practically any smart device, for example, smartphones and tablets, so that you will be able play from practically anywhere at anytime.


According to research, the ultimate reason why some people don’t play online casinos is because of security issues. Just the thought of losing their information or their money scares them away. We at Newtown Casino believe in fair play and don’t abuse our customers and their money. As a matter of fact, study has shown that online casinos tend to earn more from fair play rather than cheating their customers. This is due to their customers being satisfied with their service providers.

Around-the-clock Customer Support

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Sometimes… things don’t go the way we want it to. In online casino cases, sometimes money deposited into your account doesn’t show up or you somehow forgot your account password. No worries because our customer support team is online and ready to tend to your needs around-the-clock. Be it 12pm or 3am, our team is ready to help along with specific details on how to solve your issues.

Budget size doesn’t matter

Certain casinos have really high buy-ins and maybe you had a little bit to extra money and you just want to relax, blow off some steam or even feeling lucky. Well, the good thing about online casinos like Newtown Casino we attend to budgets or buy-ins of all sizes, from *RM1 all the way to RM10,000*. So, no matter how bad your day was, you can always come and enjoy.

Bonuses & Promotions

Having a bad stroke of luck? Feeling that today is just not your day?

Well, have no worries because here at Newtown Casino we help you get back on your feet. If you were unlucky and made a net loss in the past few days, we will give back a percentage of your total loss for the week. Not only does this help us in maintain our relationship, it also helps you reduce your losses to make it easier to gain back what you lost. A win-win situation.

Nba all star game 2020 mvp predictions week 2. You have the ideas of tactic how to win and we can turn ideas into reality. For example, we provide bonus such as some percentage of your total loss every week.

What makes us different?

1. We offer you the ability to play many different brand of casino. Many of our most popular brand casino are available to customer like you.
2. We check over your complaint for any problem in deposit, withdrawal as well as forget password.
3. We answer all your questions with detailed responses.

Download LPE88

Download LPE88 for Android(slot games) <-----click here

Download LPE88 for Android(live games) <-----click here

Download LPE88 For PC Windows <-----click here

Bangbet Casino Apk Download

Play LPE88 Online <-----click here

#Download Lpe88: Online Casino Malaysia

Lpe88 FAQs

What is Lpe88?

Lpe88 is an online casino that targeted majority of Malaysian. Lpe88 provide players a self-indulgent gambling experience by launching a variety of games, like Jackpot, Slot, and Table games. All the games are come with imaginative background and funny soundeffects, therefore by playing Lpe88, players can relieve from stress and at the same time, earn rewards.

What are the new games in Lpe88?

In conjunction with the Chinese Festival - CNY, Lpe88 launched a few new games with the CNY themes. Play those games to try out your luck during CNY!

# Coin! Coin! Coin! CNY

# Fat Choy Choy Sun

Bangbet Casino Apk Download Pc Windows

# Jin Qian Wa Jackpot

# Jinfu Xingyun

Bangbet Casino Apk Download Apk

# Zhao Cai Tong Zi

Download Lpe88 apk - IOS & Android users

Lpe88 is available for IOS and Android users to download. Lpe88 is devided into 2 apk (slot apk and live apk), users may download the slot apk if you want to play the slot games. For the live apk, you may download it if you intend to play live casino. You may also download both apk too.

If you are Android user, you may download the apk by choosing your device type and click DOWNLOAD. If you are an IOS user, you may take note of following steps.

IOS install guide:

*Note: For Iphone, you need to TRUST the developer before you can run the app. Kindly go to 'Setting'> 'General'> 'Device Management' > 'TRUST' > 'All Continental Trading Sdn Bhd'.

Step 1 - Click IOS

Step 2 - Click Install after it ask you whether you want to install Lpe88.

Step 3 - Tap on the app (Lpe88) that appeared on your device's home page

Step 4 - When it pop up Untrusted Ent. Developer, click Cancel.

Step 5 - After you cancelled, go to the setting

Step 6 - go to general and click Device Management

Step 7 - It will show the developer, click on the developer

Step 8 - and click Trust

Step 9 - After you clicked trust, it will reconfirm with you. Click Trust again.

Step 10 - Lpe88 is downloaded in your device. Type in your ID and password to start playing.

How to install Lpe88 in PC?

Lpe88 is only available in mobile version. However you can download an android emulator in your PC before you install Lpe88. We suggest NOXPlayer and Bluestacks, both emulator are run well.

Bangbet Casino Apk Download

How to get a free account from Lpe88?

To get a free account from us, you first have to be 21 years old or above. If you are eligible, you may proceed to contact our 24/7 customer service. Start with a 'hello' and tell them that you want to register an account for Lpe88. Then, provide them your name and phone number will do.

How to top-up Lpe88's credit?

To top-up, you may contact our 24/7 customer service. After you provide them your name or game ID and amount you like to top-up, they will send you a bank account. You may transfer the payment via online transfer or ATM transfer to the bank account provided. Lastly, send the payment slip to our 24/7 customer service and the game credit will be topped up into your game ID once verified.

Our customer support is working 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, you may contact our customer service if you need- register/ withdraw/ top up /anything related to Lpe88.