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Delegation Of Former U.S. Officials At “Iran Freedom” Rally

The 2016 “Iran Freedom” Grand Assembly, held in Le Bourget, France, was attended by multiple delegations of former U.S. officials who landed their words and support to the event.

Colonel Wes Martin lead the delegation of former U.S. military officials.

General George Casey, a retired U.S. Army general who also served as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, was the first speaker.

“In my first days in Iraq, it didn’t take me long to figure out that the United States and Iran had diametrically opposed objectives,” he said. “We were seeking to empower a democratically elected Iraqi government that respected the rights of all ethnic and sectarian members of Iraqi society. Iran, for some reason, didn’t want a country like that on its borders. So they used everything that they had. They bought political power by giving money to Iraqi politicians and political parties. They bought public support by giving economic aid, particularly in the south of the country. And they continuously fomented sectarian violence.

“Iran is also responsible for the death of thousands of coalition forces and thousands of Iraqis… Any regime that uses terror to accomplish its objectives is a threat not only to its own population, but to the international community.”

General Charles Wald said “it is time for the mullahs of Iran to become responsible…to become accountable to the rest of the world. And it is time for residents of Camp Liberty to go to Albania or somewhere else where they are safe. And what we need above all is leadership, and Maryam Rajavi has that leadership.”

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge spoke at the rally as part of the Delegation of Former U.S. Officials.

“The Ayatollah and his hand-picked leaders have been throwing the great country Iran to the wind since 1979”, he said. “We all know the regime hasn’t changed its behavior since it duped the western world into lifting sanctions and depositing a hundred billion dollars in the central bank of terrorism. That they are the epicenter of Middle East instability, the genocide in Syria, the civil war in Iraq. Since Iran’s leaders won’t change, it’s time to change the leaders.”

Phillip Crowley, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, said that “in this room we have ideas; in this room we have emotion; in this room we have power.

I come from a country that is the most powerful country on Earth; but in this case a very small country has made a very big difference. God bless Albania.”

“Putting the Middle East together again will be the work of a generation; but just when we have no hope, we return to Paris,” he said, referring to the annual meeting.

The head of the delegation was Robert Torricelli, a former U.S. Senator from New Jersey from the Democratic Party. In his signature hoarse and powerful voice he expressed his appreciation for Albania’s housing of PMOI members and for the enthusiasm of the crowd.

Give you Best Treat With Appetizing Lunch In Ledyard CT

The town in New London Country, Connecticut, United States is Ledyard CT; it is located along the Thames River. It attracts the attention of the visitors and tourists all over the world, because of its excellent weather and climatic conditions, a lot of attractive places and various fun activities for all the tourists of all age group. When you visit Ledyard Ct, you will enjoy the delicious food and healthy and mouthwatering lunch there.

The attractions in Ledyard CT are Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration, Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center, Stonington Vineyards, U.S Navy Submarine Force Museum and much more. It offers hundreds of hotels, casinos, unique shopping experience, spas, golf clubs, kid’s areas and activities, and bars.

Appetizing Lunch at Ledyard CT:

When you spend the whole day in various fun activities and exploring Ledyard CT, and you feel hungry and want to get energetic again. At this time, you will love to have a lovely, mouthwatering and freshly cooked food in your lunch meal. The hotels, restaurants, and cafes at Ledyard CT are famous because of their delicious food and hygienic environment.

The tourists like the tasty lunch at the relaxing and friendly environment of the hotels while enjoying the beautiful nature in Ledyard CT. The lunch in Ledyard CT, you will enjoy the most and never forget the taste of it. A large variety of food items, along with all kinds of drinks are available to fulfill the desires of the visitors.

The hotels in Ledyard CT are competent enough to accomplish the wish of tourists to have a great meal, at a comfortable and clean place. The staff in the restaurants and hotels is fully trained, active and professional to serve the customers with delicious food and they also guide the tourists about the places to visit.

Delicious and mouthwatering food
– Hygienic and healthy meal
– A large variety of dishes
– Friendly and relaxing environment
– Efficient and professional staff
– Clean and neat place
– Appealing outside views

What you want more? So, some and get ready to enjoy all of them in Ledyard CT. You will find a large variety of food items here, for instance, best lobster and fried items, tuna melt, turkey club, a variety of burgers and sandwiches, hot drinks and cold drinks, in fact, everything you want to have.

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A Boy And His Boxers

This is the very reason war is silly. The picture of Army Specialist Zachary Boyd, 19, of Fort Worth, Texasure, inspired me to write an article because I saw, we humans are just nutty.

I mean let’s face it, war is crazy . If our soldiers want to stop this war stuff they can. The Taliban and whoever else can relate to this picture. I mean what guy not matter what your religious persuasion hasn’t gotten caught with only his undies on.

I mean we need to send this picture around the world to show how we are all so human.

Now let’s picture all the goofy warring factions in their boxers or some version their of, we’re all just a crazy bunch of humans that want to control other humans.

But what we really want is to have breakfast in our boxers and just enjoy the day,

So who is it that wants to promote all this fighting? It seems they have had to go to great lengths with a great deal of deception to get people to fight.

Oh we may take sides in the Boxers or Briefs controversy, but we are just realizing that all this war stuff is silly. It is not getting humanity anywhere. So who are the old guard who think this good?

War is old man thinking. People are waking up and seeing the truth as to what life is really about.

It is not even war, it is the control thing. We are evolving beyond this; we are beginning to see that we have so much to share with one another.

It is we who have to see war and greed as ridiculous and then things will begin to change even faster.

I needed to get this out there because it is so important we see all of us as just goofy humans.

We have such a great planet and yet we actually have bought the bill of goods that the one with the most toys wins.

Well I am sure most of us would love to just sit in our undies and feel the warmth of the sun on our faces and enjoy our day.

Even those who want to control are just human. And if we just refuse to go along with the old greed and control way of living, we can help them also wake up.

When we start seeing us all as just goofy humans, we can drop this silly control /greed stuff.

So we must really see how we have believed that we can kill other people into believing how we believe.

Whatever you believe this picture says is how you believe. Wisconsin–Madison So if that is the case, why is it any different how you believe about anything else.

List Of Free Antivirus For Windows XP

One of the worst fears that we all have is the fear of losing all the information stored in our computer due to virus attack. Most of us store the financial information in our computer, but in case it is affected by some virus, then we become vulnerable. The computer stops working completely or even if it works, then also it will start behaving weird and sometimes you will come across strange sound as well. But, there is good news for all those who have been worried about the security of their computer. The problem is that we don’t like to spend money on the anti – virus software that is available in the market and in a way it is correct too, because when we have some of the best anti – virus for free of cost, then why would we pay extra.

List of antivirus for Windows XP

So, if you are looking for some of the best antivirus while playing games online, then here is a list of some of the best anti – virus for Windows XP. Here, no expensive software programs are included because the names that are mentioned in here are the best and perform even better than the expensive ones.

AVG Anti – Virus Free 2014 – It is one of the most common and also the best software tools in the anti – virus category. It is full – fledged antispyware, antivirus and also includes link scanner, email scanner along with automatic updates. Apart from several scanning options there are some other premium features like a hassle free installation, no need to check on the updates and also the frequency of updating amongst various other options.
Avast! Free antivirus 2014 – Avast is no doubt, one of the best antivirus engines along with being an antispyware as well. It protects your computer from the threats from internet, your emails, files as well as instant messages too. It has the ability to detect some of the unknown viruses as well, which was previously not known along with numbers of malware. It has been successfully working in the antivirus since 1988 and till date doing great work of protecting the computer without fail.
Bitdefender antivirus free edition – This one is easy to set up and even the configuration can be completed very easily. The system resources used to protect your computer is not that much either, thus making it one of the best antivirus even when it is the free edition.
Panda Cloud Antivirus – The best part of this antivirus is that it doesn’t slow down the computer, instead you will see the work being accomplished somewhere due to the cloud option.
Avira Free antivirus – You name it and Avira has the solution for you, so it actually protects you from the virus, worms, Trojans, spywares, malwares and adware. It has fully functional tool for detecting the malware, so that it can provide you with the best protection ever. But, if you are using Avira antivirus, then make sure that you have complete knowledge of configuration; else you will find it difficult to use it.

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Let’s Run Away

Let’s run away, that might be our solution,’ is that really so? fill me in.

digitalizada pela Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin English: Book digitized by Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin Acesse: BBM DigitalIs running away really a solution or a problem? I have heard of many incidents or watched in movies where a girl or a boy run away due to whatever circumstances. But what I want to know is, is that a true solution? Is your family such a torment for you that you think you can live happily without them? Or, is your family really incapable of understanding you?

That might be the case in SOME cases. But still, running away never ERADICATES an issue. You are just closing a section of your mind, making it numb and using your legs to flee somewhere … ( else. You have left the problem behind, not solved it.

Can running away and leaving behind your everything be a key to your happiness? Are your parents\family\friends a permanent lock? I am failing to agree or disagree. When I agree, my mind puts forward points to disagree on and vice versa.

Hence, I would like to come up with a generalised opinion by seeing what you all think regarding this whole ‘run away’ thing.

2 comments on Let’s run away

you mentioned some good points here. i think whats really missing nowadays is ‘support’ from family/friends/parents…etc.

most often i gotta get out from certain situations just to keep some sanity, and think things over.

you can’t run away from life. have you ever heard were ever you go their you are. when problem arise the first thing you should do is finding out why. you need to have a stong ARC. ARC stand for affinity, reality and communication, so if one of them is broken, then all are broken; so we should find out were it need to be fixed.

‘Avengers’ Delivers Powerful Clean Energy Message

메르세데스-벤츠의 새로운 소형차, '컨셉트 A 세단' 상하이 모터쇼에서 공개 - 포스트I can rarely find the time to make it to the movies, but my staff is buzzing about the Avengers, which focuses on a new, limitless clean energy source called “The Tesseract.” In the film, there is evidently an intergalactic struggle to claim this new resource – one we can only win by relying on heroes like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, and the Incredible Hulk. Naturally, the group includes a couple Hip-Hop scientists!

While the “Tesseract” may be fictional, the real-life global competition over clean energy is growing increasingly intense, as countries around the world sense a huge economic opportunity AND the opportunity for cleaner air, water, and a healthier planet. This is now a $260 billion global market, a sum that would impress even Tony Stark. According to the International Energy Agency, last year — for the first time — more money was invested worldwide in clean, renewable power plants than in fossil fuel power plants.

Given how big the opportunity is, and how fast it is growing, it is no surprise that 80 countries have adopted policies or incentives to capture a share of the clean energy market. The good news is that we have an advantage every bit as powerful as the Incredible Hulk: Americans’ talent for entrepreneurship and innovation is unrivalled by any other country in the world. We have world-leading scientific facilities that would make Bruce Banner green with envy, and the investments we’re making today in groundbreaking new technologies can help American businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Ultimately, however, the clean energy prize is still up for grabs and countries like China are competing aggressively. It’s not enough for us to simply invent the technologies of the future, we need to actually build and deploy them here as well. As President Obama noted recently, one step Congress should take immediately is to renew the expiring tax credits for clean energy – a step that will create jobs and help American companies compete.

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Products Used by Law Enforcement & The Military

Law enforcement and the military have a difficult and dangerous job. They have to keep us safe from the lowest of the low in society. The time of the musket and smart uniform is over; now the focus is on practicality. It’s given rise to gadgets like Leupold scopesand highly specialized duty belts. Some things are completely new to the trade but others are merely alterations of tried and tested tools.

The Duty Belt

海尔u 智慧生活iphone版

The duty belt is the most important piece of equipment any police officer or soldier can wear. It keeps all their small gadgets within close reach without impeding their ability to do their jobs. There are lots of variations involved with the duty belt. Some can hold small fire arms, whereas others simply carry things like notebooks and handcuffs.

Duty belts are customized according to the personnel using them. Someone involved in the Special Forces arm of the military would have a different belt than a conventional traffic officer.

The Torch

Despite the increase in day crime, most criminal acts typically occur during night time hours. This has allowed the torch to remain as a vital piece of equipment for all levels of the armed forces and policing organizations. We no longer use conventional torches because they are too heavy and bulky.

Instead, we might use a small pen light. It doesn’t give the same level of illumination, but it makes everybody’s job easier by lighting up those dark corners. There are many different sizes of torches, including large vehicle torches which officers can shine out of vehicle windows to shock suspected troublemakers.

Scopes and Sights

In the US practically anyone can pick up a gun legally. This vastly increases the risk of gun crime. To fight this menace, law enforcement and the military make sure they can fire upon suspects whilst avoiding any return fire. To do this, they attach a scope or a sight to their weapon. This allows them to disarm suspects from a distance.

Members of the military have attached Leupold scopesto their weapons in the past. They have literally blasted a firearm out of the hands of a suspect because the scopes allow them to be deadly accurate. It makes their jobs easier because they can confront gun crime with a minimal amount of risk to themselves and the general public.

Modern GPS Systems

GPS has revolutionized the way enemies can be tracked in both warzones and on the streets of the US. Practically every police cruiser will have some sort of tracking system implemented. It allows them to find locations easier and for their base to be able track where their vehicle is in case of emergency.

This can be even more important in a battlefield environment. Vehicles can carry GPS trackers so their base can keep track of where everyone is. GPS systems are far superior to the previous methods of merely describing the location. It enables greater accuracy and a more solid support system.

Most modern police and military forces have implemented these changes. These changes have given them an edge over their enemies so they can easily take them down with a minimal amount of damage. This has led to lowered crime levels and casualty rates.

3 Tips To start A Small Business

Starting a small business is a large undertaking without a doubt, however it is luckily something that can be accomplished by anyone with a smart thought, a solid hard working attitude, and a decent arrangement of assets.

Starting a small business includes thinking about a business idea, composing a strategy for success and marketing:

Business idea:

It may be an item that you always wanted to make or a service you feel people need. It may even be something individuals don’t know they require yet, in light of the fact that it hasn’t Emery been imagined! It can be useful to have individuals who are brilliant and inventive go along with you for an easygoing meeting to generate new ideas. Begin with a straightforward inquiry like: “What might we do?” The thought is not to make a marketable strategy, just to create potential thoughts. A significant number of the thoughts will be duds, and there will be many normal ones, yet a couple may develop that have genuine potential.

Consider your intellectual power, experience, and knowledge while selecting an idea. In the event that you have a specific aptitude set or ability, consider how these assets can be connected to meeting some kind of business sector request. Joining aptitude and learning with a business sector request expands your chances of having a fruitful business thought. For instance, you may have worked with hardware as a representative for a long time. You may have seen an interest in your group for a specific type of electrical work, and joining your involvement with the business sector interest can permit you to pull in clients.

Business Strategy:

A business strategy is a set of rules or activities by which the desired objects can be achieved. It can be described the business planning simply. A business strategy is concerned with significant asset issues e.g. raising the fund to assemble another manufacturing plant. Procedures are likewise concerned with choosing what items to designate significant assets. If you have any questions with regards to in which and how to use Uniqlo (, you can speak to us at our site. It also concerned with the extent of a business’ exercises i.e. what and where they deliver.


This is the thing to keep in mind. Nothing else matters in the event that you don’t have clients. The greater part of your time and exertion must concentrate on deals. Having a pre-defined marketing plan to attract interested customers, and afterward change over them to clients is your main need. Try not to get overpowered about how to make a plunge: simply begin where you are. Make a rundown of 50 potential prospects that you’ll follow and start making calls one by one. Fabricate a genuine online networking nearness for your business where you can draw in straightforwardly with your objective business sector.

Envisioning about how breathtaking your business can be is great; yet doing some to get it there is shocking. It’s about the hustle: the choices you make and the moves you make every single day – that’ll get you where you need to go.

Larry Hagman Dead At 81

Result, Excuse Me, Failure, Inability ToLarry Hagman who became a global icon playing the Tv villain J.R. Ewing in the hit series “Dallas” died late Friday evening at Medical City Dallas Hospital. He was 81 years old. In June 2011, Hagman was diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer. “People who smoke or use tobacco are at risk of developing throat cancer”, a PubMed Health expert said in 2011. “Excessive alcohol use also increases risk. Most cancers of the throat develop in adults older than 50,” he continued. In 1995 Hagman admitted he had been a heavy drinker, and a heavy smoker as a young man, after he underwent a life-saving liver transplant.

Shortly after his death, the cast of “Dallas 2012” released the following statement: “Larry Hagman was a giant, a larger than life personality whose iconic performance as J.R. Ewing will endure as one of the most indelible in entertainment history. He truly loved portraying this globally recognized character, and he leaves a legacy of entertainment, generosity and grace. Everyone at Warner Bros. and in the “Dallas” family is deeply saddened by Larry’s passing, and our thoughts are with his family and dear friends during this difficult time.” There was no immediate comment from Warner on how they would deal with Hagman’s passing.

Larry Hagman got his first role as Major Anthony Nelson, in “I Dream of Jeannie”, a sitcom from the 1960s. In 1978, he made his first appearance as J.R. Ewing on the hit series “Dallas”. The show quickly became the world’s most popular soap-opera and made Hagman a superstar. In 2012 TNT continued the Dallas saga with a spin-off version of the original show. Larry’s worsening health condition caused a production halt after the 6th episode of season 2.

“Larry was back in his beloved Dallas, re-enacting the iconic role he loved most,” his family said. “Larry’s family and close friends had joined him in Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday. When he passed, loved ones surrounded him. It was a peaceful passing, just as he had wished for.”

I know what I want on J.R.’s tombstone, Hagman said in 1989. “Here lies upright citizen J.R.

Pro-Life IS Pro-Women

At first glance theses two terms seem to oppose each other but true feminism is not the antithesis of motherhood or a pro-life stance. Contrary to standard stereotypes, one is pro-woman precisely when one is pro-life. Explorer My story is simply a witness of a woman who discovered a liberation as a mother of a large family.

I am a conundrum because I am a joyful mother of nine children. Ifeel vilified by modern environmentalists as well as ‘feminist’ career women and of course beatified by the religious right at the same time. Most people of all persuasions, expect me to appear haggard and filled with regret or unfulfilled dreams

. For example, when a journalist interviewed me for an article on Mother’s Day a few years ago for our city’s major paper, she asked me if I ever regretted not using my degree to pursue a career. I simply stared at her in shock for a few moments, my mind blank. “No”, I finally replied, “ the thought never entered my mind”. It was then the journalist’s turn to stare at me in shock for a few minutes.

I realize that I surprise people when they first meet me; their eyebrows shoot up, their mouths drop open, and they sputter,

”You had nine children?”This is because I am 5’ 1” and weigh 108 pounds. I was pregnant or nursing for eighteen years without a break. Even though I’ve lived through ten pregnancies, I am healthy, remain quite articulate, and have a quirky sense of humour. This challenges the typical image of a woman of a large family as a grim battle­axe, efficiently marshaling her young charges with little time to coddle the poor, deprived dears. Surprisingly, I discovered fulfillment precisely as a mother of a large family.

By all outward appearances, I’m an old-fashioned sort of woman, a stay-at-home mother who raised her children on a small family farm, supposedly the antithesis of a feminist. Embracing such an outdated lifestyle has meant struggling with confusion, guilt, and a perceived sense of public disapproval.

Of course, not everyone can stay at home these days with their kids. Not everyone is called to mother a large family but every woman should understand the tragedy of abortion. I have witnessed the life destroying effects of abortion on friends who have struggled to move past grief and guilt for decades after; abortion destroys not only the life of the unborn but has unforeseen repercussions in the life of the mother. The effects are even more far-reaching because abortion is an injustice that affects all of society.

I don’t have all the answers. What would I have done if my thirteen-year-old had become pregnant? Yet, I do know that life does begun at conception. I simply wish to express that motherhood is a feminist career and abortion is not pro-women.