And I Remain As It is

It is about life when everything stands still and with despair one tries to read the conditions in which he lives.

Fear envelops my mind

Hope tragically seems to wean

Silken thoughts are roughed up

Running out of thoughts as I assume

On to the window sparrow refuses to sit

Titles of my pain can be seen, boldly written

Mourners too have left…no more mourning

Inconsequential queue of my long emotions

Patterns of miseries are getting too predictable

Piling burden of setbacks raise no more siren

To fall or rise has lost its relevance

Gladiators of life do not cry…Oh! It’s a terrible lie

Looking around seeing people smiling

Everything is so lifeless and barren

Running from whom when the identities are lost

Faces have lost their face and voice their voice

Try to sing with broken strings

Feather of clipped wings mangled in dust

Timidity deny space to the next moment

Face marred by the unnerving winds of time

Parched lips are untouchable

Begging no more leads to alms

When pride demeans victory and defeat hardly matters

And I remain as it is

6 comments on And I remain as it is

just amazing my friend

May hope come and sit gently on your shoulder…

Its a great poem and its easy to feel your pain on this one Uttam. I hope it was just a passing thing and things are well with you.

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