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ANA (All Nippon Airways) can now see the first of 20 Boeing 777-9 ordered six years ago. And she wants to acquire up to 20,787 additional Dreamliner.

The Boeing 777X is the latest series of the long-range, wide-body, twin-engine Boeing 777 family from Boeing Commercial Airplanes.The 777X features new GE9X engines, new composite wings with folding wingtips, greater cabin width and seating capacity, and technologies from the Boeing 787.The 777X was launched in November 2013 with two variants: the 777-8 and the 777-9. Boeing 777X expected deliveries from backlog have come down by 118 units. Adjustment when turned into contract termination hits Boeing 777X program with $22B value reduction.

The 777-9 1629 registered JA0171 of the Japanese private company was photographed at Everett on February 24, 2020, without any visible distinctive sign and not yet equipped with its engines. ANA becomes the third operator to have its 777-9 partially assembled, after Emirates Airlines and Lufthansa – the Dubai-based airline to be its launch company in 2021.

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The Star Alliance company had finalized in July 2014 an order for $ 13 billion from Boeing, including the twenty 777X but also six 777-300ER fourteen 787-9 Dreamliner – becoming the Dreamliner’s biggest customer with 80 expected. ANA President Shinichiro Ito pointed out that the aircraft chosen « will modernize and extend the fleet, even more, to allow the company to become one of the first airline groups in the world », while allowing maximum flexibility, better fuel savings in order to cope with « the growth in demand both internationally and in the domestic market ».

Ana 777x Order

ANA 777-9 line 1629 JA071A on the Everett flightline

Ana 777x

  • ANA's first Boeing 777X is being assembled Photo After Emirates Airlines and Lufthansa (LHAB) (LHA), the assembly of the first All Nippon Airways Boeing 777X has started. The beginning of the assembly was confirmed by a picture taken at Boeing Everett facility of the 777-9 1629 registered JA0171 that emerged online on February 24, 2020.
  • ANA is the larger carrier with a larger overall network, which provides better connecting feed to fill the larger 777X. Moreover, ANA recently won the lion’s share of international slots at Tokyo’s preferred Haneda Airport, which better facilitates the use of the larger 777X due to.
  • With concerns over its Boeing 737 MAX and a drought of orders coming into the Paris Air Show, until it landed a blockbuster order Tuesday, Boeing is certainly in need of some positive press. And it’s hoping to get that from its new Boeing 777X aircraft. The newest version of its popular Boeing 777 family.

— Paine Airport (@mattcawby) February 24, 2020

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ANA currently operates a long-haul passenger fleet of 71 Dreamliner (787-8, -9 and -10), 55 Triple Sept (-200ER and -300ER) and 34,767-300ER, as well as two of the three Airbus A380s expected. Its order book includes among others fifteen additional A321neo, twenty 737 MAX 8 and fifteen Mitsubishi Superjet. And it announced this morning a purchase commitment for twenty additional Boeing – eleven 787-10, four 787-9 and five optional 787-9 which will make it reach the 103 Dreamliner expected according to a press release from the manufacturer.

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