A Boy And His Boxers

This is the very reason war is silly. The picture of Army Specialist Zachary Boyd, 19, of Fort Worth, Texasure, inspired me to write an article because I saw, we humans are just nutty.

I mean let’s face it, war is crazy . If our soldiers want to stop this war stuff they can. The Taliban and whoever else can relate to this picture. I mean what guy not matter what your religious persuasion hasn’t gotten caught with only his undies on.

I mean we need to send this picture around the world to show how we are all so human.

Now let’s picture all the goofy warring factions in their boxers or some version their of, we’re all just a crazy bunch of humans that want to control other humans.

But what we really want is to have breakfast in our boxers and just enjoy the day,

So who is it that wants to promote all this fighting? It seems they have had to go to great lengths with a great deal of deception to get people to fight.

Oh we may take sides in the Boxers or Briefs controversy, but we are just realizing that all this war stuff is silly. It is not getting humanity anywhere. So who are the old guard who think this good?

War is old man thinking. People are waking up and seeing the truth as to what life is really about.

It is not even war, it is the control thing. We are evolving beyond this; we are beginning to see that we have so much to share with one another.

It is we who have to see war and greed as ridiculous and then things will begin to change even faster.

I needed to get this out there because it is so important we see all of us as just goofy humans.

We have such a great planet and yet we actually have bought the bill of goods that the one with the most toys wins.

Well I am sure most of us would love to just sit in our undies and feel the warmth of the sun on our faces and enjoy our day.

Even those who want to control are just human. And if we just refuse to go along with the old greed and control way of living, we can help them also wake up.

When we start seeing us all as just goofy humans, we can drop this silly control /greed stuff.

So we must really see how we have believed that we can kill other people into believing how we believe.

Whatever you believe this picture says is how you believe. Wisconsin–Madison So if that is the case, why is it any different how you believe about anything else.