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  2. Watch Slots Video: Aristocrat's 5 Frogs Slot Machine (Part 2) -. Video Slots - Download & Play. Published: Friday, May 8, 2015 12:06 PM Channel: Slots.

5 Frogs Slot Machine find a great variety of the various casinos and games. Some of them are undoubtedly well known to you already, but you are guaranteed to find something new too. Some examples of the games you will 5 Frogs Slot Machine find are listed below. Table Games – The all-time classics!

Aristocrats 5 Frogs is a pleasant, exciting, and vivacious iPad slot game that features the classic oriental theme. If you’re an absolute fan of Asian-themed slot games, then “5 Frogs” won’t disappoint you for sure at Heart of Vegas free pokies on facebook.

This slot game presents a pleasant gaming theme where the gold-framed reel appears on the dark background. Plus, the key game symbols magnificently emphasize its theme & background. Those exclusive game symbols are the golden ingot, the well, beautiful pink flowers, gold Yin Yang symbols, the bonsai tree & standard playing card symbols from Aristocrat. So, get ready to spend a while with 5 Frogs and enjoy the game features on your iPad.

  • Paylines : In this slot game, there is so such provision of a standard pay line structure. The best part is – this game allows you to hit a winning combination in 243 ways.
  • Maximum & Minimum Bet : For playing this game, the minimum wagering amount needs to be 25,000 coins. Plus, you can place the maximum bet too. The maximum bet is 200,000 coins.
  • Game Rules : In 5 Frogs, the wins are calculated in coin denomination. All the lines are played at a line cost 40 coins. Total Bet = 40 coins * Bet Multiplier. Choose your total bet from the game screen and then hit the “Spin” button in order to initiate a game play.
  • Game Symbols : As mentioned earlier, 5 Frogs features a wide variety of Asian-theme symbols, such as the golden ingot, the well, beautiful pink flowers, gold Yin Yang symbols, the bonsai tree & standard playing card symbols commonly found on Aristocrat pokies machines.
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Other than the above, there is a scatter symbol which pays you from left to right on the adjacent reels. Plus, there is another symbol that is depicted with an overlaying text of “Super Feature”. This symbol can replace the scatter. Plus, it appears only on reel number # 3.

The golden colored Frog symbol is the wild icon which appears on reel number # 3. It replaces all other symbols except the scatters & super feature symbols.

In 5 Frogs, there are two types of bonus feature : Super Feature Bonus and Regular Feature. The insightful details of these two bonus features are described below :

This feature is triggered with any scatter win (with three or more scatters appearing on the reels) and with “Super Feature” substitution (where the symbol with an overlaying text of “Super Feature” replaces the scatter). Now, you are allowed to choose your preferred bonus from the following list of choice.

  • Win 25 free games and if one or more White-colored Frog symbols replace a win, the pay for that win is multiplied by 2, 3, or 5.
  • Win 20 free games and if one or more Blue-colored Frog symbols replace a win, the pay for that win is multiplied by 3, 5 or 8.
  • Win 15 free games and if one or more Green-colored Frog symbols replace a win, the pay for that win is multiplied by 5, 8, or 10.
  • Win 13 free games and if one or more Red-colored Frog symbols replace a win, the pay for that win is multiplied by 8, 10, or 15.
  • Win 10 free games and if one or more Yellow-colored Frog symbols replace a win, the pay for that win is multiplied by 10, 15, or 40.

Mystery Choice : Win random free games and if one or more Violet-colored Frog symbols replace a win, the pay for that win is multiplied by a random multiplier.

Plus, in this round, once you have chosen your preferred bonus feature, you can win up to 15 free games.

Payout : The golden Ingot is the top-paying symbol. Five such icons offer you 1250 coins. The next symbol is the Yin Yang symbol. With five Yin Yang symbols, you can win 1000 coins. Also, the flower symbol offers the similar payout like the Yin Yang symbol. Five flower symbols reward you with 1000 coins.

Note, five bonsai trees offer you 350 coins. Similarly, five wells also offer you 350 coins respectively.

The Final Verdict :

“5 Frogs” is an extremely popular free Aristocrat iPad pokies “slot” game since it offers a versatile and unique bonus feature. Featuring 243 ways to win, this game can certainly provide you an exciting gaming experience just like many other free slots iPad by Aristocrat at the Heart of Vegas casino including More Hearts, Walking Dead, Wild Tooth, Wild Ameri’Coins and Golden Peach.

Big win of 5 Frogs slots machine right below :

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Back to the 5 Frogs slot machine by Aristocrat, one of my favorites!

5 Frogs Slot Machine

This is a very interesting slot, with the 'Super Feature' bonus, which provides essentially a supercharged version of the standard bonus! 5 Frogs is a 'Reel Power' slot, which means that instead of lines, in order to win you need matching symbols in at least 3 reels, left to right.

To trigger the bonus, you need at least three bonus symbols from left to right, where certain bonus symbols can also be 'Super Feature' symbols, which awards the opportunity for even more free games with lower multipliers eliminated, great feature! Once triggered, you make a choice to choose more spins with lower multipliers or less spins with higher multipliers, up to 40x - and even a 'Mystery' choice which will randomly select your number of spins and multipliers to give you a chance for an even greater win!

I chose the Mystery feature in this bonus and got the absolute best you can get with the top number of Free Games and the top multipliers! During the Free Games, wins are multiplied if you have at least one Wild Frog in your win, Enjoy!


You always get some lady chatty next to you - you must be hella cute.

5 Frogs Slot Machine

Michele B

Not to be rude, but I can't take it when the person next to me has to chime in when I'm in bonus!

Hammer Time

Online stopwatch bingo. I was waiting for her to say nice job..can you loan me fitty! I've had some crackhead try to sell me her boyfriends gold tooth before. If you can't afford to be there then get the f**k out.

Jennifer Goodwin

Nice win, but I wish you'd gotten the 5th bonus symbol on that spin where you had them on reels 2 -5. Great picking, choosing the mystery feature with best numbers possible. I just wish more frogs had shown up to play your bonus spins with you. Next time.

Allnighter17 Slots

That was a nice bonus hit. I thought those 4 symbols would be a retriggger! Thanks for posting!

Joe Caseeno

I like the way you start your videos like you get your bonus right away but we know that you put in hundreds before getting it ($26 left in credits). Oh well nice try but not enough with 25 spins at 40x.

Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos

That's the first time I've seen anyone do that mystery pick w the optimal feature!! Now if you got the Super that would have been even incredible! Nice! :)


What the ..? Challenging and frustrating - best possible set-up and 'too bad'!!!!

Mauricio Pena

love your videos brother thanks for taking the time to make them Awesome !!

Susie Smith

Glad you got that hit! I was hollering for frogs!! Your sweet to ppl, That's why you win! 💵🍀. I talk to ppl around me if they seem like they don't want to I don't bother them. If I ever saw anyone filming I wouldn't. Never see anyone doing that

Grace Seonbuchner

I see the'nosey neighbor' is back lol, thnx 4 posting


love the game but just so hard to land a great hit

5 Frogs Slot Machine


5 Frogs Slot Machine Videos On Youtube

Good and very disappointing all at the same time.