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Garena Free Fire has been growing steadily in India – it has almost caught up with PUBG Mobile in player numbers, despite having a lot less fund to spend on massive Esports tournaments. In this article below, we would point out some of the best tips and tricks to score a headshot in this game. While you might think that you could apply the same process from other mobile FPS games in Free Fire – it is actually pretty hard sometimes, with the weapons and engine in this game having different statistics.

Most weapons have a bonus critical damage when you score a headshot – in the case of a Sniper Rifle, you can one-shot a player at full HP.

How To Top In Exams Tips

1 – Use customized settings:

While the default settings can work in some situations, it is recommended that you either use your own settings or modify your settings based on a custom setup by a pro player. The reason behind this is that the normal settings usually underestimated your reaction time, which leads to slower aim speed.

Please follow the below settings:

2 – Weapon Selection


The three most important statistics to get a headshot is accuracy, range, and damage. You need accuracy and range to actually hit the target – and damage to actually finish them, as people would often move into cover when under attack.

Because of that, only the Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle class can qualify for the job of getting headshots. For Assault Rifle, the SKS, M14, and Groza are the best. Any sniper rifle would do, as they pretty much one-shot people with the bonus critical damage.

3 – Get a good Scope

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It is pretty hard to score headshots without any kind of scope in a mobile game – hand controls are just too inaccurate comparing to mouse & keyboard. You would need a 4x scope or better to get headshots more reliably. Anything lower would not do.

4 – When is the best chance for a headshot?

Is betting on games legal. Headshots require pinpoint accuracy – you would be able to score headshots more reliably if you managed to catch your opponents when they are standing still (shooting, looting… etc). In order to do that, positioning and stealth is a must. Don't immediately shoot at an opponent when detected from afar - take a moment to adjust your aim instead.

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