3 Card Rummy

Three, of course and that is exactly what you can win when you play Three Card Rummy. If your hand is a peach – and by that we mean a pair, three of a kind or a suited run – you can win even money on the ante; 4 to 1 on the raise bet and an eye popping 25 to 1 on the bonus bet, unless of course you hit a run of A-2-3, in which case you. Three Card Rummy is played using a standard deck of 52 cards. Every card in the deck has a point value: aces are worth one, numbered cards are worth their number, and face cards are worth ten. The object of the game is to have a lower point total than the dealer. Rummy is a group of matching-card games notable for similar gameplay based on matching cards of the same rank or sequence and same suit. The basic goal in any form of rummy is to build melds which consist of sets, three or four of a kind of the same rank;. Vegas three-card rummy bonus bets and payouts. Earlier, it was mentioned that Vegas three-card rummy offers the potential for placing a bonus bet next to the ante, but before the time comes to decide on raising or folding. The following table shall outline the possible rummy bonus bets and payouts that are made available in this Vegas variant. Vegas Three Card Rummy is a video poker game by Realtime Gaming. You can learn more about the game, its rules, and how to play it in our article about how to play video poker.

Three Card Rummy is a creative amalgamation of various poker and casino games rolled into one. Its family tree begins with direct lineage from Three Card Poker and Rummy; with Rummy being the colloquial name referring to a group of match-card games. By Three Card Rummy rules, the best hand—the winner– is the one with lowest score.

5-Step Three Card Rummy Rules and Strategy

3 Card Rummy is an easy game to master, if you can find it on offer. It is far more common online than at land-based gambling halls. Microgaming online casinos call it Vegas Three Card Rummy. Keep reading, and in just 5 easy steps, you’ll know all you need to know about this fun casino card game.
  1. The Basics: Three Card Rummy requires one 52-card deck, one house dealer, and anywhere from 1 to 7 players.
  2. How to Play: Each game starts with an Ante bet, followed the dealing of three cards per player. A hand’s point value is based on matching ranks and sequenced suits.
  3. Payouts by Score: Beating the dealer guarantees a payout. The lower your hand scores, the higher that payout will be, up to 4 to 1 for a score of 0.
  4. Bonus Bet: Most tables will present an optional bonus bet. This bet wins of the player scores 12 or below, or with a same-suit A-2-3.
  5. Odds & Strategy: With optimal game play, the house edge in Three Card Rummy is 1.93% (RTP 98.07%). The strategy for achieving this rate is incredibly simple…
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1. Introduction to the Game

Three Card Rummy is most often played as a single-deck card game, using a standard 52-card deck. If you find it in a land-based casino, odds are the shoe will carry 6 or 8 decks. But as I said above, Three Card Rummy is rarely played live. It first appeared over a decade ago in Cryptologic and Microgaming online casinos. Due to sluggish player interest, operators know it works far better online than on land.

This is a house-banked game, meaning that players compete only against the dealer (a.k.a. the house), not other players. Like most online casino games, it is a single-player affair, competing against a computerized house. In a real casino, multiple players could participate, up to as many as seats as the table provides.

2. How to Play Three Card Rummy

This is a very easy game to pick up, especially if you’re already familiar with any Rummy style games (Mille, Rummy 500, Gin Rummy, Contract Rummy, etc). It’s all about receiving cards of matching ranks (sets) and suited sequences (runs).

A game begins with the placement of an Ante bet. The dealer will then deal three cards to you (the player), and to himself. Your cards are dealt face up; the dealer’s face down.

Reading Your Hand

A hand’s value is determined by assigning points. Points are equal to a card’s pip value, with Aces being 1 and Face cards 10.

A hand of 5-8-K would score 23 points. But a high score is not a good thing. In fact, 30 is the worst possible hand you can have. It is the lowest score that wins; the best being 0.

Pairs & Sets: If your hand consists of two or three cards of matching rank (pair or three of a kind), the value of the matching cards drops to 0.

  • 7-7-7 = 0
  • A-3-3 = 1

Suited Runs: If your hand consists of two or three cards of the same suit, and in sequence, the value of those cards drops to 0.

  • 6-7-8 = 0
  • A-2-6♠ = 6
Fold or Play?

Based on your current hand, you must make a decision – to Fold or to Play. If you fold the hand, your Ante bet is lost and the game is over. If you choose to play, you must make a Play bet. A Play bet is a second bet, equal to the Ante (i.e. raise).

After choosing to play, the dealer will reveal his cards. The two hands are compared, determining all wins, losses and payouts.

3. Winning Conditions & Payout Schedule

First things first, if the player’s hand beats the dealer’s hand, the Ante is paid 1 to 1. This occurs regardless of anything else.

The Play bet is determined first by whether the dealer’s hand qualifies. In order to qualify, the dealer’s total cannot exceed 20. A total of 0-20 qualifies; 21-30 does not.

If the dealer does not qualify, the Play bet will be returned as a Push (tie). Even if your hand scores worse than the dealer’s non-qualifying hand (e.g. Player 22, Dealer 21), the Play bet will still Push (although in this case, you’ll have lost the Ante bet). Also, if your hand ties the dealer’s hand, it is a Push.

If the dealer does qualify, and the player beats the dealer, you will win an amount according to the following pay table.

Player’s Hand Score

Ante Bet Pays

Play Bet Pays


1 to 1

4 to 1

1 – 5

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2 to 1

6 – 19

1 to 1

1 to 1

4. Optional Bonus Bet & Payouts

Every set of Three Card Rummy rules I’ve come across has offered an optional Bonus Bet. This is a side bet that your hand will achieve some special score or precise rank. If your hand score is 12 or below, you’ll win, irrespective of the base game result. Be warned, however, that the house edge on this wager is 3.46%; nearly twice that of the main game.

The Bonus Bet winning conditions and payouts are as follows.

Player’s Hand Score

Play Bet Pays

A-2-3 suited

100 to 1


25 to 1


4 to 1

1 – 6

2 to 1


1 to 1

Note:The payouts and scores are not in numerical order. A total of 11 or 12 is worth more than a total of 1 thru 10. That is not a typo. The payouts are based not on score value, but the range of numbers and probability of achievement.

5. Three Card Rummy Strategy and House Edge

Learning how to play Three Card Rummy with perfect strategy is far easier than learning to play the game itself. In fact, you just have to remember these three very simple rules…

  • Fold if your hand value is 21+.

When you adhere to this optimal strategy, you will achieve the highest possible RTP of 98.07% (house edge 1.93%). Deviate from this strategy in any way, and your RTP will drop.

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3 Card Rummy

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