Women should choose the most suitable steroids for gaining body weight

Like males, females also use steroids to enhance their body weights and muscular strength. But experts often ponder over the question: ‘Which steroids are the best for women?’

Effects of androgenic hormones on female physiology

It is known to all that anabolic steroids are synthetically formulated keeping male hormone Testosterone as the base. As such, they are pharmacologically referred as anabolic androgenic steroids or AAS. These steroids are always androgenic because of their natural properties, as these hormones commonly interact with the androgen receptors. Due to these anabolic synthetic hormones, muscle tissues get energy and nutrients to grow quickly, as also many male characteristics grow in the body. This includes numerous effects commonly seen in males, such as deepening of the voice, growth of hair in the body and face, and all other masculine and sexual characteristics of males. So, it is obvious that a female when utilizes male hormones with an intention to strengthen her muscles to enhance her own athletic performance, will simultaneously expose herself to a greater odd of developing several manly characteristics associated with androgyny. There are other allied effects to be concerned with, which are typically due to the characteristics of the female physiology itself, as the female body is not optimally efficient in a high-androgen environment. That is to say, not all steroids are safe for women.

Suitable steroids for women

The fundamental issue while choosing the most suitable steroids for women are which steroids will provide women body builders required strengths without changing their womanly stature. Women habitually use anabolic steroids like anavar and clenbuterol. But, both of these steroids contain high amount of testosterone. Some opines that the use of these steroids over a long period of time may disturb the hormonal balance in a female body, as nor all steroids are safe for women.

It is always feasible to choose steroids for women that will carry low virilizing properties. Some steroids carry higher virilizing properties and it is better to avoid them. One must understand that all steroids carry virilizing effects- some in higher percentage and some in lower percentage. Immunity of different human bodies vary due to different regions, but women must choose those steroids to prepare their steroids cycle that will be suitable for their bodies and will not have any side-effect.

Key to avoid virilizing effects of steroids are simple –

  • Choosing the steroids with lower levels of testosterone.
  • Fixing right cycle with sufficient gaps.

Top steroids for women

As per experts, the most effective steroid for woman is Oxandrolone, which is more commonly known as Anavar. It is also popularly called the ‘Girl’s Steroid”. Any dose less than 10mg per day for a period of 7-8 weeks is sufficient for the women to grow their weights.

Primobolan is another female friendly anabolic steroid, but it is not a c17-aa oral steroid. Experts advise for a maximum dose of 100mg per week for a period of 4-6 weeks’ maximum.

Then, there is Stanozolol hormone, which is known as Winstrol. This supplement is required 10mg every other day.

These are the top steroids for women, but there are other suitable anabolic steroids that can be added to a stack that will tremendously enhance the capacity of a woman.

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