Vitamins for endurance athletes

The nutritional and supplemental needs of athletes is very different from exercise to exercise.  Some styles of training require higher levels of strength while other styles require more stamina.  With this very real difference in training comes the reality that one type of vitamin does not fit all athletes.  Featured in many magazines promoting supplements are body builders.  Athletes that need stamina to consistently keep their bodies moving and performing is very different from the body builder images you may have in your mind.  When you think of endurance you must envision athletes going the distance for extended periods of time over and over, perfecting their performance.

Endurance training athletes put large demands on their bodies.  They spend many hours a week perfecting their activity from running to swimming long hours are needed to condition the body to go the distance.  These demands require the best approach in supplementation and dieting.  The goal is to keep the body replenished with energy so you can keep going and going and going.  When selecting vitamins for endurance athletes they must be balanced and designed to meet extreme athlete needs.  Endurance athletes want to boost performance and improve recovery time so the right vitamin supplements play a real role in each athlete’s training program.

Endurance athletes need effective amounts of iron, vitamin K2, vitamin D and antioxidant protection.  Many endurance athletes deplete their iron levels so less oxygen is delivered to their muscles.  This means a lower performance aerobically speaking.  Vitamins and minerals are important for endurance, but it must go beyond that to meet the unique needs of the athlete.  Vitamin quality should be bio-available.  These micronutrients are of the highest quality of vitamins and minerals and absorb quickly for athletes to use.  Minerals should be chelated meaning compounds of magnesium citrate or calcium carbonate which absorb better in the body.

Endurance vitamins have a superior level of how carbohydrates are utilized.  As an athlete you want a product that increases your endurance and delays exhaustion.  You do not experience a spike in insulin so your blood sugar is steady and remains that way for hours so you can work hard and improve your performance.

Another key ingredient is superior antioxidant which protect against oxidative damage so your body stays more balanced and protected.  Nothing compares to having more energy to get through your training.  You need the right amount of nutrition and nutrients to effectively compete and train on a daily basis.

Endurance athletes put so much pressure and stress on their bodies and easing up is often not an option.  They need the right protection to ensure they can compete and train hard.  This level of performance and training can only happen with the right amount of healthy dieting, nutrition, rest and of course vitamins.

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