Valerian root: A natural sedative without any side-effect

Valerian root has wide many utilities as supplements, also as medicines. Valerian is a flowering plant; its health benefits is known to the human race over two thousand years. These days, valerian is harvested in different parts of the world, and its roots are processed to prepare supplements. The root of this useful herb is mainly used to treat insomnia and sleep disorder. It is also used to control stress, anxiety, epilepsy, and other types of neural disorders. These days, supplements of valerian roots are manufactured by some famous brands, which are immensely popular all around the world. The supplement or the raw valerian root seems to act as a sedative on the nervous system and the brain.

Origin and chemical properties of valerian root

Valerian root is collected from the herb Valeriana officinalis. It is perennial flowering plant belongs to Valerianaceae family. The herb is a flowering plant with an aromatic pink or white flowers. The flowers normally blossom in the summer. The herb is native to Europe, Asia and North America.

The root of valerian contains volatile oils, valerenic acids, volatile sesquiterpenes and valepotriates. All these active ingredients have made the root so much active and effective on the central nervous system.

Benefits of valerian root

The extracts of the valerian root are sold in different forms, like drops, capsules, and powders. The supplements are highly beneficial in different neurological disorders. Depending on the requirements, different preparations and doses are recommended.Normally, the supplement isonly seen at very high doses.

Here are some outstanding benefits of valerian root –

  • Valerian root is immensely useful in improving insomnia and any other kind of sleep disturbances. It also helps to get deep sleep quickly.
  • Valerian root stimulates GABA receptor quite efficiently. People having neurological problems like anxiety or stress are found to have feeble GABA neurotransmitter. Whenever a person feels anxious or stressful, the brain releases GABA to control the stress or anxiety. By stimulating this essential receptor, valerian root helps to control common neurological disorders like stress and anxiety.
  • It lowers or controls blood pressure quite efficiently. High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke and cardiovascular issues. By soothing the nerves, reducing stress, and providing sound sleep, valerian root helps to lower blood pressure remarkably.
  • Valerian root also eases menstrual cramps. It is a natural sedative and antispasmodic. It has the capacity to suppress muscle spasms, and it can also relax the muscle during the menstrual period.

Valerian doses

Valerian can be consumed in different ways. Valerian liquid drops can be added with an herbal tea and drink a few hours before going to sleep. Valerian root supplement should be taken a few hours before going to sleep. Consuming valerian root extract or supplement at day time is not feasible, since it can cause drowsiness. When it is used as natural sedative, the doses can be fixed anything between 500mg – 700 mg every day for a month.  Experts also advise to use the supplement in small quantities before public speaking, stage performance, examination, etc. to control the stress or anxiety.

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