Top Questions About Orthodontic Care Answered!

A perfect smile can be your biggest personality asset. Sadly, not everyone is blessed with flawlessly aligned teeth. If you are concerned about malocclusion or have issues with crowded teeth, you can seek the expertise of an orthodontist.

Who is an orthodontist?

Orthodontists deal with dental irregularities and alignment issues in particular.  Contrary to what many people may believe, orthodontists and dentists are not same. Although both deal with oral care and dental issues, orthodontists have specialized training in their field. Besides a regular degree in dentistry, they also have specialized full-time study in orthodontic care, for about three years.

When should I see an orthodontist?

If you are unhappy with your smile or your teeth is causing speech and eating issues, you need to seen an orthodontist. Kids should see an orthodontist early in life, as soon as they turn 7. Orthodontists can help in finding possible issues with the bite and teeth alignment, and with the help of braces and trays, they can fix the condition easily, without any need for surgery. Do not delay in seeking orthodontic care, because the consequences can be severe in some cases.


How to find an orthodontist?

Typically, most people visit their regular dentist with orthodontic problems, who generally refers the case to an orthodontist. If you don’t have that choice, you can check online, where you can find la clinique d’orthodontistes Dr. Godin and other clinics, as well. Check the feedback of other patients, and if there are any complaints against an orthodontist, you need to understand the nature of such statements.

What can I expect from the treatment?

On your first appointment, the orthodontist will check your teeth and bite in detail. He will also check if there is any pain or inflammation in the gums. If required, he may suggest a complete detailed X-ray of the mouth, which will help in understanding the dental structure. The treatment can involve braces and trays, and in some cases, retainers can be used to hold the teeth in place. You will need to wear the braces for at least a few months, which can extend to a year or more, as suggested by the orthodontist. The orthodontist will suggest a few things for better oral care, as well.


Search for an orthodontist in your area now, and don’t shy away from asking questions about his credentials and expertise, besides the cost of the treatment.


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