The weight loss program you can trust – Introducing Slimpods …

Is there such a thing as a weight loss program you can trust?

Nobody want to be looked down on because they can’t control their weight. Most people want to be a role model for your friends and family, someone’s who’s respected for what you’ve attained. So it stands to reason that most people want to build and maintain a healthy diet with a good work-life balance which includes maintaining a reasonably good looking body. However, statistics show that those same people mostly go against their hopes and dreams by indulging in excess food binges and then avoiding doing the physical exercise that might be required to take the weight back off.

You could say that we are our own worst enemy. Look at all the abandoned New Year’s Resolutions relating to weight loss. Then add to that a rabid social media providing all kinds of mixed messages that brings most people to the conclusion that they are either too thin or too fat. It would seem that whichever way we turn, we can’t win.

Sadly, the weight loss industry is full of huge and at best uncertain claims. Example: If I buy this weight loss program, I might lose 30 pounds in 30 days! Or …With this course I can eat whatever you like and still lose weight! Or … This diet regime for sure will help me lose weight and keep it off.

With all the aspirational images on magazines for women’s fashion and men’s fitness, it is no wonder so many people are looking for some kind of weight loss program that they can trust. The good news is that there is such a program. Yes, there is a weight loss program you can trust, a clinically endorsed program for weight loss, and it is called Slimpod.

This is the new kid in town! The introduction of the company Thinking Slimmer and its Slimpod app means that you can forget worrying about what you can or cannot eat and focus instead on enjoying your life. With Slimpod you can live your life to the full and become the person you dream of being. Yes, you can be the one who can look in the mirror and enjoy what you see!

The Slimpod Program is the only health and wellbeing method of its kind in the world to have undergone independent clinical trials. These successful trials were conducted by a professional researcher at City University, London.

Participants in the Slimpod program listen to top cognitive hypnotherapist Trevor Silvester as he takes you through the Slimpod system for about 9 minutes per day. His distinctly hypnotic voice encourages you to pay attention. With a mix of unconscious persuasion, a dash of neuroscience, some modern-day psychology and a tiny little drop of neuro linguistic programming, the mind is gently re-trained in ways that will alter how you think and feel about food and ultimately yourself.

Dedicated to developing safe and dependable healthcare products, Thinking Slimmer is the established UK-based full-service health and wellbeing company that has introduced the Slimpod program offering enhanced personal health and wellbeing. Slimpod enables people to easily and painlessly overcome their addictive habits around food. It helps to slowly empower the user to reduce their intake of unhealthy foods like sugar safely so that they end up giving them up for good. The program is focused on slow and steady progress. Its users have reported losing their craving for sugar and sweet foods completely.

Course creator Sandra Roycroft-Davis, a Harley Street weight loss expert, states: “It’s a complex procedure but Slimpods modify the brain’s reward system so that the enjoyment no longer originates from hamburgers, chocolates or sugar but instead it comes from making much healthier food and lifestyle choices. By empowering you to control exactly what you consume and encouraging you to be more active, you lose weight without even needing to think about it.

“Slimpods assist you in the process of losing weight without meaning that you have to be denying yourself. Thereby, Slimpods do exactly what diets can’t do. They concentrate on altering your behaviour to food significantly. They take the emotion out of your eating patterns.”

Believe it or not, the facts show that, in independent clinical trials, 95 per cent of Slimpod users lost 18lbs or more over a 24-weeks period. NHS consultant Mr Gideon Felton likewise tested a Slimpod on himself and said: “I discovered its impacts to be extensive and life-altering.”

While the ThinkingSlimmer website is all about weight loss, the product on sale which is called Slimpod is an app that offers hypnosis / hypnotherapy for losing weight. The hypnotherapy instead creates a change of mind for its users, taking them away from their previous poor eating habits. Slimpods not only works on weight loss generally. It targets specifically areas to enable users to overcome food addictions.

So, this is not a program that is going to suggest you go on a diet. ThinkingSlimmer does not advocate dieting or going on a diet. Indeed, the people at ThinkingSlimmer prefer that there be no mention of ‘diet’ or ‘dieting’ whatsoever. The product is a series of recordings each roughly 10 minutes long, presented by a fully qualified hypnotherapist and released to you in the form of an easy to use downloadable app.

ThinkingSlimmer is a national partner of the Department of Health’s Change4Life campaign for healthy living. It is also a stakeholder in the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. Additionally, Sandra Roycroft-Davis is a member of an All Party Parliamentary Group relating to health and wellbeing.

The Slimpod program is available as an instant digital download online at or on CD. Slimpod Silver, the 30-day breakthrough program, costs £39.99 and Slimpod Gold, the 12-week ultimate transformation program, costs £137.

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