The Highest Quality Vitamins for Runners

Almost every athlete is looking for that supplement that can help take their game to the next level. People try packing meals with protein, ingesting heavy protein shakes, and even adding an additional meal to get the nutrition they think they need. Many athletes also invest in supplements without truly knowing what goes into them. With so many ingredients in athletic vitamins today, how can anyone know what works and what doesn’t? An endurance sport such as running has different nutritional needs than anaerobic sports. Therefore, it is important that people look for a vitamin that will enhance their performance in their arena. What are some runners vitamins that endurance athletes should consider?

Creatine is a popular supplement that many athletes have taken. While many individuals associate this supplement with power sports, such as weightlifting, is actually plays an important role in runners as well. Creatine is an essential portion of the energy molecule creatine phosphate. When the body needs energy, this is one of the places it looks. Creatine phosphate is important for maximum intensity workouts. Runners perform power and strength drills, so creatine plays its traditional role here. Creatine also significantly increases running performance in interval workouts as well. Runners should consider taking a creatine supplement to take their training to a new level.

Another supplement that has garnered significant attention in the athletic world is fish oil. Fish oil is rich in an ingredient called Omega-3. This is found in only a few foods, such as fish and walnuts, so it can be hard to come by. That is why many people take a fish oil supplement. Omega-3 is an essential part of cell walls, immune health, and nervous system function. When the body exercises, it breaks down cells and builds new ones. Exercise also boosts the immune system and require proper conduction between the nervous system and muscles. To enjoy all of these benefits from running, it is important that the body has the Omega-3 it needs. Consider using a fish oil supplement to help with this process.

Finally, many people have considered using powerdered greens to supplement their meals. While they cannot take the place of people eating their vegetables during other meals, they are an easy way to ingest vegetables such as spinach. Spinach is rich in several different nutrients, such as iron, folate, and Vitamin K, which all play an important role in maintaining circulatory system health. Runners should think about adding some powdered greens to any of their meals to boost their running performance.

When it comes to runners vitamins, these are only a few of the supplements that many endurance athletes are taking advantage of. Read the nutrition facts of any runners vitamins to make sure that the necessary amounts of these important supplements are present before making a decision.

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