Ready to Try Vaping?

More and more smokers are switching to vaping each day. Why is this? Vaping tech has come a long way in the last ten years. There are now hundreds of thousands of vaping products on the market, each with their own specific set of benefits. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to want to switch to vaping, especially when you even don’t know where to begin.

Because of this, you might be reluctant to try vaping, even if you know that there are tons of flavours to try, different mods and coils, as well as various tanks that can be customised to your smoking preference. One of the main reasons smokers don’t switch to vaping is because there’s a general lack of education on the product, which means that people don’t really understand why it’s better.


Cigarettes come in two broad flavours: tobacco, and tobacco with menthol. While you might be able to find some niche cigarette brands that make flavoured cigarettes, they never really taste quite right. In fact, in order to get a flavoured smoke, you’d probably have to switch to a pipe or a hookah just to get something closer to what you’re looking for. However, both pipes and hookahs are still bad for you because they contain real tobacco, and the flavours are usually hit or miss.

With vaping, you’re guaranteed to find a flavour you like because the ingredients are different. There is no charcoal, tar, carbon, or tobacco in vaping. Vape juice only contains vegetable glycerin, propene glycol, and flavouring, plus nicotine if you want it.


If you are already vaping but you’re having trouble finding flavours you like, you should try a place like to get started.

Vaping Helps You Quit

With cigarettes, you don’t really have an option of smoking without nicotine. This means that as long as you’re smoking cigarettes, you’re taking in nicotine every day. If you want to get off nicotine but still want to smoke, vaping is perfect for you. You can get almost any flavour in a zero nicotine variety, so that you can quit nicotine without crisis.


Because vaping contains fewer harmful products, it’s easier to understand the risk of cancer in vaping. In fact, there’s almost no evidence that vaping leads to lung cancer at all. You might not be worried about cancer right now, but you’ll regret smoking if you get it later on in life. Smoking does increase risk of lung cancer, while vaping does not.

Vaping also hits the throat easier because there is not real smoke or fire. Because it’s not burning, there’s no chance of you getting sick or having to suffer with a sore throat if you vape instead.

Vaping also shows little promise of ruining cardiovascular health. Because the vapour is made up of ingredients that don’t take a toll on the lungs, you can expect to breathe easier as you make the transition to vaping.

There are several other reasons to switch to vaping, and if you’re interested in switching, you should not wait a moment longer. It is better to switch to something that tastes better, is healthier, and can actually help you quit, than to be sorry later on in life.

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