Nursing Care Plan – Diabetes

Nursing Care Plan – Diabetes

Bellow there is also a copy of among the nursing care plans for diabetes type 2 created by myself (an authorized nurse manager). An detailed commentary on my own are available underneath the nursing care plan. Please go through the concern intend to better understand standards of diabetes type 2 care.

Please make reference to the hyperlink in the finish want to know , for additional in-depth Diabetes information for patients and doctors!

Nursing Care Plan NANDA Nursing Diagnosis (problem statement)

Imbalanced diet r/t excessive consumption of nutrients as evidenced by Type II Diabetes:

Nursing Care Plan Goal Statements:

Patient will acknowledge their behaviors / feelings that exacerbate imbalanced diet (excessive) within 8 hrs. (a great illustration of a brief term goal statement).

Patient will design a practical nutritional plan that will assist him or her with decreasing calorie intake, within 24 hrs. (the important thing word within this statement is REALISTIC, to improve compliance).

Patient will incorporate a minimum of half an hour of well tolerated exercise into schedule through the finish of 48 hrs. (another temporary goal statement, a life-style alternation in the longterm).

Nursing Interventions for Imbalanced Diet (Excessive):

The Nurse shall explain and also have patient verbalize the connection of diabetes and diet, and also the patient shall provide a return explanation is their own words. (this nursing intervention can help obvious up and misconseptions and reinforce the medical worth of a proper diabetic diet).

Patient will meet with a dietician to discover how much of an optimal calorie intake on her size, level of activity and objective of weight reduction is, to ensure that she knows how to start in planning her nutritional needs. (initial education and dealing understanding).

Patient could keep a diary of total intake each time meals are consumed and mark where improvement can be created. (accountability, ongoing education experience)

Patient displays (you select how) a functional understanding of methods to see a food label after nurse demonstrates (you select method based on patient’s easiest way of learning)

Promote member of the family or caregiver taking part in the above mentioned pointed out half hour workout program. (increases compliance via a support system, motivation).

The nurse shall have patient record a workout log. (accountability)

The individual must have a summary of goals and reward for individuals goals associated with reducing overall calorie intake. (increases compliance).

Comments: The most crucial fact to keep in mind in working with diabetes type 2 is well considered diet can completely negate the diabetic disease process. The Diabetic diet could be strict, however, many “cheating” in moderate, planned ways are really advisable. Human behavior dictates, and studies have proven, a rigid weight loss program is rarely adopted. With diabetes type 2 the diet plan is really a lifetime diet and overall adherence towards the weight loss program is the general goal. Insufficient a controlled diet can certainly result in your body and much more severe medical conditions for example neuropathy, vision loss, and premature dying associated with diabetic complications.

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