Modern Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is not a problem exclusive to men, with millions of women suffering the condition, for a multitude of reasons. This can cause a drop in self-confidence, especially in severe cases, and fortunately there are modern treatments that are effective and non-invasive.

Alopecia treatment

Alopecia causes large clumps of hair to fall out, and can manifest itself at any age, but commonly in children, teenagers, and women in their later years. It typically affects small areas, but can cause total baldness in some cases.  Alopecia is an autoimmune disease, which means the hair follicles are being attacked by the body’s own immune system. Treatment involves attaching faux hair to the scalp using a fine wire mesh, leaving you with a full head of hair. The treatment is non-surgical and painless, and is the most popular way to restore healthy hair.

Thinning hair

This is a common issue, and not just for men, with millions of women suffering hair loss, especially the over fifties. Usually caused by a combination of genetic disposition and age, the hair follicles that automatically replace fallen strands, become thinner and thinner, eventually ceasing to regrow. The best treatment is to have an enhancement of hair extensions that are secured to the scalp with a fine mesh, which replaces the missing strands, leaving the hair looking natural. If you are suffering from female hair loss in Bristol, there are online clinics that can quickly determine the cause, and provide effective treatment.

Chemotherapy hair loss

Those with cancer have to endure chemotherapy, which has many unpleasant side effects, which include hair loss. This can range from small patches to total loss of hair, and with the added trauma of the cancer diagnosis and treatment, this can accelerate the hair loss. The ideal treatment is hair extensions that are held in place with a fine mesh, which allows the regrowth of the natural hair. The non-surgical procedure can be used for partial or total hair loss, and is painless and reasonably priced.

Surgery or accident related hair loss

When a person has lost hair due to surgery or an accident, very often the hair will grow back, and by having hair extensions fitted, the new hair can grow and blend with the extensions, until such a time as they can be removed.

Medications and supplements

If the hair loss is caused by a thyroid imbalance, then the right medication can redress the balance, and the hair loss will cease. Lack of iron or vitamin D can cause your hair to fall out, and once diagnosed, a supplement will cure the problem.

Temporary hair loss

If the problem is not hereditary, it is likely that healthy hair will resume growing at some time in the future, so the best treatment is to have temporary extensions fitted, which allows the new hair to regrow, as the hair extensions are held in place by a thin mesh, and this can be removed when the hair has fully regrown. This non-invasive method is both safe and convenient, and with skilled technicians, your hair will look naturally healthy.

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