Extract of muscadine grape seed:

In US this variety of grape has made a history for its benefits in aiding recovery as well as for its usage as a preventive medicine for illness. Grape has a unique property to resist in extreme conditions of disease and climate. The reason behind this is it contains an extra chromosome. This mechanism can be developed in humans if they consume grape or its extracts. This is how it enhances antioxidants property in an individual.

Many studies conducted on grapes and its seed extracts ended up not concluding its effects. Very few have reported positive results. They even did not report any benefits regarding its anti – inflammatory, anti – oxidant and lipid peroxidation. This may be due to the reason that studies were limited only two few weeks.

Many people consume this grape seed extract today in America. But they are not knowledgeable about this. It is found in many nutritional bars which are usually used as meal replacement foods. This usage is based on the fact that it is rich in fiber.

Use in medicine:

In modern medicine muscadine grape seed extracts can be very beneficial because they come with many properties which can help in modern medicine. But it is very important to differentiate the benefits and uses of wine, grapes, grape juice, grape skin, and grape extract.

Resvertrol is also very useful in the treatment of prostate cancer. Even muscadine is considered very effective for the same purpose. So there were comparative studies conducted on this. They reported that they both have abilities to inhibit the growth of cancer cells but they do this in their own way.  The compounds present in the skin, seed and extract can exhibit different properties.

One of the studies even reported that both skin and seed of the muscadine grapes have anti – cancer properties. These findings were really significant for further studies. This became a catalyst for later studies. But many of the benefits of muscadine grape extracts are yet to be studied completely including the seed extracts.


The benefits exhibited by muscadine grape extract, so called “French paradox” are almost similar to other extracts derived from other grape seeds. But only difference is since muscadine has thick skin. This is the reason it is found that there will be higher concentration of compounds in this particular variety.

This is the reason behind the belief that product will be of high quality if it contains mescaline seed extract. Even manufacturers use this as a key in promoting their products.

Flavonoids present in grapes are the reason behind their anti – oxidant property. Mescaline seed extracts are said to contain flavonoids which are more potent compared to other grape varieties. So it comes with more anti – oxidant property. In this they are more effective when compared to Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Many of the benefits of muscadine grapes are due to its property to inhibit free radical damage. Some of the ailments where muscadine grape extracts are useful include arthritis, dementia, degenerative illnesses related to nerves like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, macular degeneration, cancer and heart issue.

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