Duromine Used For Weight Loss

Duromine is the brand name of Phen and they perform the same functions suppressing the diet and is used for weight loss in persons. It is a prescription drug and has to recommend by a doctor. It is not an over the counter drug and cannot be bought without prescription.

Duromine dosages

The ingestion duromine should be only once a day before or two hours after breakfast. The capsule is to be taken during the waking hours as it may cause sleeplessness and hyperactivity.

The capsule should not be chewed and gulped down with lots of water. There are different dosage levels of 40mg, 30mg, 15mg which one is best suited for you will be decided by the doctor and self prescription is dangerous. It is also advised that persons below the age of 18 and the geriatric are not advised to consume duromine.

Side effects of duromine

  • It can cause restlessness, sleeplessness, and hyperactivity.
  • It can cause mood swings in the person, the person may be ecstatic at one point or depressed.
  • It may cause low libido.
  • There is increase in blood pressure, difficulty in breathing dizziness etc.
  • Some have experienced vomiting, diahorrea, constipation etc.
  • You feel tired most of the time and there is a bitter taste in the mouth.
  • You can also notice swelling in the ankle and the knees.

Apart from this duromine is also claimed to be addictive in nature, so it should not be taken more than the prescribed time period, and kept away from the reach of children.

Overdose of duromine

To get a faster effect of duromine, you should never overdose on it and should not continue to consume it after a prescribed period of time. If you have skipped a dose, it’s no reason to double your dose for the next dosage period. If you are prescribed a certain mg of the capsule stick to it and don’t increase it according to your wish. If you don’t see any changes with what the doctor prescribed in a week, report it to the doctor and he/she will just if you need a higher dosage or not. Since it is taken once a day, you need not divide your dose as per your requirement.

When you are taking a pill for weight loss, the sure shot question is how much would you lose by consuming it. It reduces hunger cravings. This all depends on many factors

  • The weight that you are presently having before consumption.
  • How much exercise and diet control do you do.
  • Every individual has different metabolism rate.
  • What dosage is recommended to you.

Hence it can be said that a particular number cannot be attached to the amount each person may lose after taking duromine. Each person has his own story with the use of duromine and it is not all comparable. But there is a guarantee of weight loss.

As mentioned above dietary changes make a huge impact on weight loss. The gender also depends on how much weight can be lost.


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