Diabetes Vitamins and Supplements: Things You Need To Know

People with diabetes often have a lot to consider. From the prescription medicines to dietary restrictions and need for physical activity, many medical recommendations must be followed. Where do diabetes vitamins and supplements fit in all of that? In this post, we will talk about supplements and factors you need to consider before using these products.

Should you consider dietary supplements?

As a diabetic patient, you already have a long list of diet restrictions. A lot of your favorite food items should be off the plate, and at the same time, you must maintain your regular nutritional requirements. You body needs the right balance between different nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but since your diet is limited, both in options and quantity, the optimal balance might be missing. This is where dietary supplements can come handy. Besides filling the gaps in your diet, dietary supplements will also provide the essential nutrients for better health.

What kind of supplements should you use?

It depends on many things, including your treatment plan. However, as a rule of thumb, patients with Type 2 Diabetes should consider dietary supplements that have nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, and magnesium. Patients with the condition are at a higher risk of heart disease, and therefore products that have Omega 3 fatty acids might be useful. Most diabetic patients also have low magnesium, and since magnesium can impact the overall use of insulin, it is often included in these supplements.

Things to consider

Patients with diabetes should never stop taking medicines as suggested by their physician. No dietary supplement is designed to replace traditional medicines that are meant to keep sugar levels in check. If you are buying online, you should be careful, as a lot of the regular diabetes supplements are fake or don’t have the nutrients as claimed. Read the label well, and make sure that the product is tested by known labs. A good idea is to read the reviews online, so that you can understand the pros and conditions. Please note that all dietary supplements are not created equal, and therefore, these may work differently, despite having the same inclusions. Be careful of products that are sold at an extremely cheap rate, because a lot of research and money are involved in creating the right formulation.

Finally, do talk to your doctor in the first place, mainly to confirm the possible chances of drug interactions.

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