Connecting Quitting of Cigarettes with E Juice Enjoyment

Many new users inquire if it is really possible to quit cigarettes by picking up vaping as an alternative. Well, the answer is both yes and no, but one thing is certain. Shifting from cigarettes to e-cigarettes can be a viable alternative as one still gets the nicotine high. However, it is without the usual tar stains associated with smoking.

Furthermore to note, and perhaps a shocking fact to most people, but nicotine does not cause addiction. (Anyone can verify this via independent online resources.) Yes, pure nicotine extract is not addictive, and the dependency on cigarettes is actually due to other chemicals in the tobacco leaves, integrated in the business production phase. Therefore, with vaporizing, even a hardcore smoker can still get the nicotine feeling and the luxury of bellowing clouds of smoke, but with no tar related blackening of the lungs. Whether the high is good for you is totally a personal choice, but you can decide from various levels of nicotine percentage as per convenience.

The nicotine you need

Check out a cool online retailer for their product inventory. If you are a newcomer to vaping, the introduction could be baffling! There are umpteen numbers of flavors, terms like VG/PG, and choices for vaporizer modules, tanks, or batteries. Focus on your priority, which in this case is to seek an alternative to smoking! Start with finding an e juice aroma with the most suitable nicotine count by your personal needs. Obviously, one must have some knowledge about various concentration levels and about VG/PG differences to select rightly.

About quitting

Any vaporizer mix consists of a composition list, displaying the VG/PG ratio, the nicotine percentage (0 % – 3.6%), and an assorted fact sheet about the added flavors. 3.6% nicotine refers to 36 mg of the extract in a standard cartridge. It is typically the highest level you would find in a general e liquid stock. However, some exclusive providers may provide an even higher percentage. Users who love their nicotine in the vapors can also choose from other percent rates such as 2.4%. 1.1%, .08%, and 1.2%. If you are planning on excluding nicotine gradually, try slowing down successively until you are comfortable with a 0% nicotine mix.

About enjoying

Those who harbor no such desire are always on the lookout to find new arrivals with a richer nicotine portion. Whether you want to accelerate or decelerate on the high, it always makes sense to bookmark a good online retailer. Check out a resourceful website with a comfortable open-minded approach, and plenty of options. A bit uncomfortably, many e-cig sites kind of follow a discrete moral policing approach, trying to educate people about the dangers of smoking, etc. As a matter of fact, all smokers are very aware of the potential ill effects of their habit. Nevertheless, they still carry on with it as a personal decision, being responsible for their own health!

Even if you do not want to shift permanently from cigarettes to e-cigs or vaporizers, it is still something of a great pastime hobby. The aromatic range of e juice products is totally mind bending with an extraordinary array of flavors. Bookmarking a reliable supplier essentially helps you to stock your favorite ones by occasional bulk purchase deals.

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