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Our Transfer Factor is leading the earth in Alternative Medications. We are positive in preventative maintenance. Stopping you moving forward healthy but still time aiding you are feeling great. Whatever ails you we have the solution. Browse around and discover our wonderful products.

Exactly what are Transfer Factors?

Transfer Factor is not an plant, it is not a mineral, and, it is not a vitamin. Transfer Factor can be a molecular product created from Bovine Colostrum that’s scientifically proven to raise the defense systems by over 100%. Really a completely new generation formulation referred to as Transfer Factor Plus Advanced will enhance your defense systems by over 250%… Five occasions more than almost every other natural product discovered.

What Transfer Factors do are… they are visiting your defense systems seek and destroy infected or malignant cells. They enhance your natural killer cell activity therefore improving your defense systems.

Natural killer cells are particularly crucial in fighting cancer cells and cells infected by infections, fungi and bacteria. And, as we age, there’s an all-natural depletion of individuals killer cells inside our defense systems. This is why the factor is many seniors people our medical institutions. Their defense systems has become compromised or depleted of natural killer cell activity and, consequently they are more susceptible to become infected by infections and bacteria.

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